February Dairies 2019: Week 6 Day 5

Dear Diary...


My doctor prescribed me: less worries and more painting. "Paint some flowers," she said. So I started with some sunflowers to summon Spring and Summer back. (You can follow the progress on my Instagram digital fantasy account or on these blog entries.)



I realized that I haven't stopped working in a million things at the same time since September 2018.


I began posting daily videos of Notfrombrazil character emotions and expressions, then 31 videos after I completed my first inktober challenge, 31 drawings of ink about having and not having ideas.


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Work in Progress "Sunflower Fiel" 2019@vanessabettencourtart

I got addicted to these 31 art challenges and done a bunch of them in a row and sometimes two at the same time. I wanted to see how far I could go before my mind was completely blank, but that didn't happen. Ideas pulled more ideas and it was my body that started to complain. Pain!!!! I guess I got the message. "I will slow down, stomach, alright? But I am not stopping, do you hear me, migraines? I just had great ideas for new projects...!"



That should teach them.!

As I was saying... new ideas.  I already have so much things going on... I just feel that I'm not doing enough... that's all.


I still have some supplies in boxes that I never had the chance to use, so I want to do as much art as possible this year and progress.