Polly & Paws 4 a Better World

Hi, everyone!


I'm Vanessa an independent author and illustrator and I want my art and stories to make a difference. My original characters Polly and Paws told me they want to help too by making an effort to improve the world.


It only takes a small step each time. 


I've moved to Chicago during the Summer, so I had no idea what was like to live under unimaginable below zero temperatures. Polly, Paws and I have been thinking about the little animals outside in the cold T_T.


The Lincoln Park Zoo is my favorite place in the city. It's a free Zoo, opened all year, and they take such good care of the animals.



To start you can... Buy a "Polly&Paws4abetterworld"...

Pick your STICKER

2 x 3 inches (6 x 7.5 cm) sticker



  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1


Commission me to draw your pet or anything else  (pick your style and size) and I'll donate 60% of the revenue to the Lincoln Park Zoo.


All the Original Art displayed in the gallery bellow (coming soon) is for sale and 60% will revert to the Lincoln Park Zoo.




You can donate here on my website or go to my Ko-fi account. They both work with PayPal.

Original Card $20
Original Card $20

Original Artist Cards - prices may vary according to card. 


- Commission me a card 


- Buy available cards


- Buy a print of this card 4 x 6 ($5)


(contact me)


All prints are done with a Canon Pro-100 printer with the appropriate longevity ink and  photographic paper.  




This is a portrait commission  original art done with Archival Ink marker and watercolor on cold press paper. 


Size 2.5 x 3.5 inches ( 6 x9 cm) 



One simple portrait with with a toy and color background. $20 


Larger sizes with more detail is a possibility. The details and the composition will determine the price.


Have an idea of what you want to see done? Get a quote from me. 


Contact me: vanessabettencourtart@gmail.com



Donations will be sent to the Lincoln Park Zoo every turn of the season.

Next donation will occur June 21 2019

( Regarding minimum limits starting from March 20 2019:  if the amount is less than 10$ I accumulate the value with the next season but still mention your contribution on my social media)

I will announce how much we collected and how proud we are of your contribution on the newsletter 

Same for next, Autumn and Winter) 

Transparency and Honesty (donations so far):

March 2019:

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