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Polly and the Black Ink  - A New Start

(Volume I)


Polly Mason has a secret... 


When Polly moves to an island that shows on no map, she discovers her superpower... she can open doors into someone's imagination and find the core of their personality.
But something evil follows...
Now it's up to Polly to protect her family and friends from the Black Ink, to keep them from losing their colors, their memories, and their joy.
Polly and the Black Ink is an all-ages graphic novel full of adventure, discovery, imagination, fantasy, friendship and a lot of teamwork with the help of a lazy sidekick cat on a journey to fight an epic villain.
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Polly and the Black Ink  - The Other Side

(Volume II)


It's time to open more doors... 

After saving her Aunt Sarah, Polly Mason understands the urgency to protect the rest of Sanctuary's people from a terrible villain. It's her responsibility to keep the parallel worlds safe.
The Black Ink continues to spreads sadness and wiping out people's beautiful memories. Evil is closer than Polly thinks.
It's time for her to open other doors before she runs out of time to save her new friends. Fortunately, she's not the only one with secret superpowers.
Will she have enough marbles, colorful stones and crayons to fight the Black Ink?

Polly and the Black Ink  - Heroes or Villains (Volume III)


Heroes or Villains
Polly Mason has many doors to open, mysteries to unravel and people to protect. Where will the next door take her? To whom will the next fantasy worlds belong to?
Polly Mason can be a strong and courageous super girl with incredible superpowers, but she knows she can't vanquish a world threat on her own.
Polly teams up with the rest of Sanctuary superheroes against the Black Ink. They face adventure and perils to learn a valuable lesson. 

What does it take to change someone who doesn't believe they can be changed? 

Polly and the Black Ink  - Into the Darkness (Volume IV)


Time is up! Superhero girl Polly Mason and her team must choose to fight... or watch their world crumble as the Black Ink takes control.
Polly is ready, and no matter what happens, she's not alone. It's time to open all doors and reveal all secrets.
This time she won't be able to fully trust her power or what may be behind her door. Not when there is more than one supervillain, and they are in control of The Other Side.
Will this be Polly's last adventure? Is the mystery completely solved?
Is her only choice... to surrender?

Polly and the Black Ink  - The Last Door(Volume V)


The Last door...

Polly Mason has collected the doors of everyone she knows. Friends and family, enemies and foes, heroes and villains.  

These doors, which have kept their secrets safe, have also taken her into magical worlds, allowing her to know people better for who they truly are.


Although Polly Mason can visit any of their worlds, she cannot enter her own. It's up to her friends to save her core now, and no one thought her world could be so challenging and full of wonder.


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Polly and the Black Ink is an all age Graphic Novel for superheroes full of mystery, adventure, fantasy and friendship in a fight of good vs Evil.

Polly and the Black Ink is copyright 2016 to Vanessa Bettencourt     All rights reserved.

No portion of this publication may be reproduced without express permission of Vanessa Bettencourt. This book is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

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