May Diaries 2019: Patreon

Social media is a great way to be part of someone's life for a second or two. But I never really felt like home. For the past years I have experimented all sorts of social platforms to find the ones that work best for me.


I love plurality and diversity.


This way I can give purpose to every platform in a unique way.


Patreon is for the fans who believe my art is worth the extra investment and really want to see the behind the scenes and experience my process of creation that won't be visible on social media. They will get a notification on the mail with the new posts to like or comment. FREE POSTS 


- Sketches, art videos narrated, videos with behind the scenes, process of creation, creating a graphic novel from scratch, original artwork monthly on the mail, Q & A, blog entries, tips and I surpass my difficulties. I will start to share more and more there. 


Once I reach my goal I will start posting Notfrombrazil new episodes and open new tiers for more gifts. 


If this is not for you, and you just want the final product, don't worry. You can still support me by buying my final products, stickers, prints or the books that you can find on Amazon. That alone and reviews are a wonderful contribution.