Not From Brazil Series

A transatlantic comic journey of a long distance relationship made closer. She's from Portugal, he's from the United States. Art brought them together and love (and humor) stitched it all. Every page unfolds the story of how they met, and how they survived their long distance relationship. This volume includes extra pages and new characters never published before in the webcomic, and tips on how to keep a long distance relationship and to travel without stress. 

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The transatlantic long distance relationship embarks on a K-1 visa voyage through the perilous seas of forms, trials and interviews. This brave Portuguese pirate must face her darkest fears and fight true monsters to conquer more than her beloved's heart. Extra new characters and episodes never published before. This book is NOT a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely NOT coincidental.

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The webcomic series began in 2012 as a long distant relationship creative way for Vanessa to communicate with her fiance. Now Vanessa writes and draws about her daily struggles and adventures in full color and humor of her new life, with her better half, in a new country, writing and creating art. 


It's been online since 2015 and still ongoing with updates weekly.

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