NotfromBrazil Book Volume I

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NOTFROMBRAZIL Volume I is about to happen. After three years of nonstop episodes three times a week!



Holy Pony!  I'm so excited... and a bit nervous. Am I revealing things I never published before? Of course! It's a totally new experience, even if you have binged our story more than once!


All comic pages are color now, featuring the same style - completely redrawn.   I added some pages that never got published online before.  Also, there's a lot of new characters and humor.  Adding some long distance relationship and how to travel long distances tips.  


The story flows as a graphic novel and tells how we met and how our relationship developed. If you were part of our long distance relationship first year, you are probably a character in this book! Others will appear in the next volumes as the story develops. 


It's a great way to honor amazing people who were part of our lives, family and friends and those who have already departed.


We're aiming for a paperback and a Kindle version this September. Still considering the opportunity to do a Kickstarter for all of those who are interested in having a personalized signed copy of the book and extra .


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