Polly and the Black Ink Mini Sketchbook Tour: Ink drawings

Polly Mason has a secret.


Polly can see people turning grey and the world crumbling around her. At first, she believes she's the only one, but then she moves to an island that shows on no map... And... Evil follows her, and now the island and its people are in danger.


Polly discovers the islanders have secrets like her own. But first, she must find the key and the door into their worlds, visit their personalities, find their cores and save them from the Black Ink. The idea of the Black Ink as a villain came from my first sketches.


We can't erase ink as easily as we erase pencil. It can leave permanent marks. Join Polly in this epic fight against evil.


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Music Credit goes to:  http://www.freesfx.co.uk


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