Dialogue with Thoughts: 24 August 2018

6:30 mind is full of ideas for a new story.


It's my brain fighting the 42 chapter illustrations remaining.


I have a schedule to keep, a focus and a goal to accomplish.


Let's stay in that path.


Working from home requires discipline.


You put your personality to the test and intensifies some of the weakest traits one might have when you are developing a project for yourself - when you are your boss.


It took me some time to adapt to a schedule that made sense to me.


August always makes me stumble. However,  it's also impossible to keep the same one hundred percent perfect energy and creativity going daily.


Art is not about doing something relatively just ok every day.


It's about evolution, process, struggle, failures and the sweet rewards that come after it. 


So let's do that five minutes a day or 10h of little steps forward... towards success


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