Graphic Novel

Polly and the Black Ink

A New Start


Polly Mason has a secret. 

Polly can see people turning grey and the world crumbling around her. At first she believes she's the only one, but then she moves to an island that shows on no map...


And... Evil follows her, and now the island and it's people are in danger.


Polly discovers the islanders have secrets like her own. But first,  she must find the key and the door into their worlds, visit their personalities, find their cores and save them from the Black Ink.

The Other Side 

After saving her aunt, Polly understands the urgency to protect the rest of Sanctuary's people from the Black Ink.

The evil spreads and it's closer than we think. It's time to open other doors before she runs out of time to save her new friends.

Fortunately, she's not the only one with secret powers

Heroes vs Villains

The Black Ink has made enough victims already.

Polly must learn a valuable lesson. No one is born a hero or a villain. What will it take to change someone who never believed they could be changed?


What would it take for you to abandon your beliefs and become a villain.

Into the Darkness


Time is up!

They can choose to fight... or watch their world crumble. Polly is ready and no matter what happens, she's not alone.


It's time to open doors and reveal all secrets.


Heir of Scars

Kindle Parts

Images above correspond to the covers of the individual parts.


Book I includes the first 8 parts.

Heir of Scars latest releases:

Heir of Scars Book II

Part I Spires and Mountains

Part II Crossroads and Crossed Swords (10 /2016)

Part III ------- Coming soon

Heir of Scars Book I (parts 1 to 8)

"The War of Scars is over. Our war has only just begun."



This Complete Edition includes the first eight Heir of Scars books


At seventeen years of age, Adria Idonea has already seen both sides of war.

Once princess in a citadel tower, she followed the ghosts of her childhood to join the kingdom's enemies, the Aesidhe of the Heiland wild.

Even while her father's soldiers march upon the people she has come to love, Adria discovers much in her exile - the traditions and the tragedy of the hunted Aesidhe, the secret history of her father's Knights of Darkfire, the strange origins of the Sisterhood of Heiland and their Matriarch, and the mystery of her own family.

Now a warrior, a healer, and a leader of the Wilding Ones, Adria has come of age, but a promise she made in haste has bound her to return to her home after long exile.

The Princess of Heiland must return to fulfill an oath, but will she return as a royal heir... or as a traitor?

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