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  NotFromBrazil FREE calendar for subscribers.

Today October 13th 2017 I sent with my newsletter the November 2017 Calendar page free to download and print.

I will be gifting a page each every month until December 2018.


For those who you subscribed after the October 13th and until October 31st.


I will send the November Calendar directly to your email. 



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Polly and the Black Ink Mini Sketchbook Tour: Ink drawings

Polly Mason has a secret.


Polly can see people turning grey and the world crumbling around her. At first, she believes she's the only one, but then she moves to an island that shows on no map... And... Evil follows her, and now the island and its people are in danger.


Polly discovers the islanders have secrets like her own. But first, she must find the key and the door into their worlds, visit their personalities, find their cores and save them from the Black Ink. The idea of the Black Ink as a villain came from my first sketches.


We can't erase ink as easily as we erase pencil. It can leave permanent marks. Join Polly in this epic fight against evil.


Read more about Polly and the Black Ink Graphic Novel books here.


If you have them, please leave a review on your favorite online store.


Music Credit goes to:


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Tuesday Tip Time: Ink Drawing with Pen Nibs Ink Drawing

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Tuesday Tip Time Correct Use of References

Tuesday Tip Time. Use references the correct way. 
See full video on my YouTube. .

Usually references will help you to improve your skill.

Tuesday Tip Time: Drawing from Life

Tuesday Tip Time - Use basic shapes

Basic shapes help you to draw from general to detail.


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Tuesday Tip Time - Sketchbook First Page

Tuesday Tip Time. Sketchbooks can be intimidating especially if they're expensive. 

Make a mess. Set yourself free. 

You should try to make as many errors as possible so you can learn more.

New Youtube Channel

Art & Books - Vanessa Bettencourt Wips & Tips

Hello subscribers!

First steps!

I'm fighting my camera shyness! First step, voice. I wish to become brave enough to make a live event or streaming one day!


For now, baby steps. I uploaded an introduction video. Hello subscribers, if you're not already... don't forget to subscribe!

After the introduction video I made my first NFB wip video with voice over. Here it is:

 Notfrombrazil Comic Page wip 1 Composition


Let me know what you think about it and ... YAY! One step closer to fight shyness.




Official Site:


Instagram: @vanessabettencourtart

facebook: @vanessabettencourtart


Garfield Day

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Happy Garfield Day.


It has been an important influence since I was a child. Here's my mash up Garfield and Doctor Who to spice things a little.


I recorded the pencil sketch and digital ink that I will upload to my YouTube later.