Happy New Year

Happy New Year, with lots of health, happiness, creativity and love.


I can't believe 2018 is over, it was so full of every possible color. I made wonderful friends that made social media be so much interesting and fun. No more frustration. We push each other up and become constantly rewarded with the art we create every day. 


I have so many plans for 2019. Short and long goals. 


Longest Goals:

...have the next novel ready to publish next September 2019 and share the process

...publish Never Give Up spring time

...share my already published books with those who don't know me yet.

...create all the art for the game Polly and the Black Ink Doorways


 Short Goals:

...January Polly Doors Watercolor collection

...February Polly Old Masters mash up collection

...Keep up with daily updating social media, instagram and youtube

...Participate in more art challenges



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Instagram Polly challenge Doors

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Prints Christmas_Nostalgia2018


Starting today to celebrate each Christmas Nostalgia 2018 entry I'll upload the illustrations to my Redbubble store so you can order tote bags, cards or prints


Get it here.


See daily challenge here.

December 2018 News




This has been a really great couple of months and ready to close another year. 


This is what I've been doing...


Finished #inktober challenge


Finished #folktale challenge


Finished #huevember challange


Finished #childhooweek challenge


Hosted my own challenge with two artists and friends on instagram : #christmas_nostalgia

(from December 8 to 14)


Started to add Youtube videos twice a week, sketchbook tours, funny art challenges and process.


But the most important part of it, is that the daily challenges allow me to gain muscle to work a lot of hours each day and because of that I was able to finish my book Beyond the Cliff & Courage. 42 chapters of epic adventure with more than 350 black and white illustrations.


To celebrate I recorder the first chapter that you can hear on my Youtube Channel. I never done this before so please be kind. 


The proof copy of Beyond the Cliff and Courage will arrive this Thursday or Friday and I'll be able to check and approve it. The goal is to have it available on Amazon worldwide day 11.


 And now painting and hosting a challenge for everyone to participate. 


Inktober 2018 Done! Next!

This challenge was a lot of fun. My IDEA theme was challenging too but I put it out. I had the chance to make new friends, struggle with old and new friends and create a habit of working daily and faster. It was also a great opportunity to revive my Youtube Channel from the dead and it was very appropriated doing it during Halloween. 


You can find sketchbook tours, long videos and the process of drawing, inking or even coloring it.


November is already here. So let's say Hi to a new challenge, full of color this time, only makes sense that I make it with Polly and the Black Ink project.


I will be posting daily art on the @pollyandtheblackink instagram account and one video in the middle of the week with the entire process of one of the watercolor paintings, and the usual sketchbook tour of the previous week on Sundays.


Now speaking of winners. As a way to thank with your constant comments and likes on my posts, here are the three winners for your loyalty to my art, lot's of activity and support. I might do the same with #huevember and Polly. : D

Oinkers For Art Auction



Our little pig made to the newspaper! What a proud pig mom I am. This was a great collaboration with my mother in law Lisa Marling to celebrate the love for the theater. And our little oinker raised $500. Isn't that awesome?