May Dairies 2019: Kickstarter

Created by Tabitha Jensen AKA @pabkins Among the Toadstools Volume II is a Collaborative Fantasy Art Book available now on Kickstarter.


You will find my art in this book and also if you get the tier TOADSTOOL HUNTER you might get one of my original cards (above) or from another amazing artist participating in the Collectors Card Highlights. 


Join us now for lot's of amazing art and goodies. Ends June.


May Diaries 2019: Patreon

Social media is a great way to be part of someone's life for a second or two. But I never really felt like home. For the past years I have experimented all sorts of social platforms to find the ones that work best for me.


I love plurality and diversity.


This way I can give purpose to every platform in a unique way.


Patreon is for the fans who believe my art is worth the extra investment and really want to see the behind the scenes and experience my process of creation that won't be visible on social media. They will get a notification on the mail with the new posts to like or comment. FREE POSTS 


- Sketches, art videos narrated, videos with behind the scenes, process of creation, creating a graphic novel from scratch, original artwork monthly on the mail, Q & A, blog entries, tips and I surpass my difficulties. I will start to share more and more there. 


Once I reach my goal I will start posting Notfrombrazil new episodes and open new tiers for more gifts. 


If this is not for you, and you just want the final product, don't worry. You can still support me by buying my final products, stickers, prints or the books that you can find on Amazon. That alone and reviews are a wonderful contribution.

April Diaries 2019: Week 16 Art Event



Join Polly and Paws on an Art Challenge Adventure!


31 Fun May Days on Instagram


use # 



Use any art medium or style.


Do all days or just your favorites.


Raffle - Free Book ( to participate just do all prompts)


Tag me so I can see  your art


April Diaries 2019: Week 14


Just make a new sticker design for your collection.

I was drawing this whimsical sticker (last Saturday April 13) when it started snowing like the Knight King from Game of Thrones had just arrived at Chicago with his army. The TV show's marketing resources can't be this good!

I hope our next donation will improve the lives of the animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Especially the ones that love Summer. At the same time, my heart goes for those who enjoy Winter and will face extreme hot temperatures during the next Season.

Remember how it works?

All the art presented in the Polly & Paws 4 a Better World page will serve this campaign. I will donate 60% of the revenue to the Lincoln Park Zoo from the art to the campaign. New Sticker Design available:

April Diaries 2019: Week 15 Upcoming Cover


A project that started in 1995 and that has been slowly progressing. I plan to publish the first volume next September 3, 2019.

Working on the cover. Still needs a few details but it is a great start. I will put this aside for a few weeks and come back to it with fresh eyes to progress a little more.

This is one of my largest and oldest projects. Sometimes it's easier to work on something new that has notes than edit something that is so large. I'm having lots of fun though... bringing it to live.

March Diaries 2019: Week 12 One of a kind...


After painting a set of Fantasy Field Guide artists cards, decided to turn it into a pack of stickers so everyone can have the opportunity of owning these little cute creatures. 


The pack includes a handwritten description and instructions on how to deal with each one of them. Lollipop Bird, Pond Mermaid, Shrub Gnome, Spring Announcer and now two extras and exclusive of this pack Flutterfluff and Totie. 


Buy here.

March Diaries 2019: Week 11 ACEOs Pet cards

More and more making miniature original paintings makes more sense to me.


I'm used to work in a panel each time while making my comics and this is no different.


People can collect more, for the right price and collect so much more art than having frames occupy walls.


I have become quite a fan to the Atc cards and making then to trade with other artists is even more exciting. 


This is a commissions that I'm working on and it's a lot of fun. 

Working on a few commissions. Some for the Polly & Pet 4 a Better World. If you would like to participate and commissions me don't hesitate to contact me. See more information here

March Diaries 2019: Commissions

Spring is almost here and the sun is inviting me to make happy art.


I've been playing with ACEOS and ATCS. These are artist original cards 2.5 x 3.5 that can be trade, auctioned or sold. It's been fun to be part of a community that loves and respects art as much as the next one.


We trade art, we make art and we feel happy and accomplished about doing it.



Original and Unique Card available for purchase. $20 (prints 4x5 of this artwork will be $5)
Original and Unique Card available for purchase. $20 (prints 4x5 of this artwork will be $5)


This card with Polly and Paws was made exclusively to launch the campaign

Polly & Paws 4 a Better World.


It's been so motivating to know that part of it will go to the animals.


You can commission me a card, buy a sticker, a print, or original art available on the page of the project.




Polly & Paws 4 a Better World

I've moved to Chicago during the Summer, so I had no idea what was like to live under unimaginable below zero temperatures. Polly, Paws and I think of the little animals outside in the cold T_T.


The Lincoln Park Zoo is my favorite place in the city. It's a free Zoo, opened all year, and they take such good care of the animals. I want my art and stories to make a difference and this is how I will do it.


Read all here.

March Diaries 2019: Week 9 Finger Painting

What's new and fun for the past days?


Finger Painting, Srcatchy Art... reconnecting to the things that made me love art as a child and never abandon it again.


My goal is to elevate these to a more fine art level and experience new things by getting out of my comfort zone more and more.


It's a journey into a Myst. Let's see where this will take me. At the same time, it's been a great week to edit and write new chapters of Whisperers and Keepers

Also accepted the challenge and painted my version of Polly and her friends in watercolor of The Swing. Check out the video on my Youtube Channel. 

There are a few art challenges ahead that I have to decided if I'm participating or not.


For now I'm going to explore the finger painting a little more. Waiting for a book to arrive with some techniques from the Brooklyn artist Iris Scott. Can't wait to start making some of the exercises.