Making of...

Time Lapse Digital Painting

...finishing new art to send to the printer and make some postcards this year. A sneak peek of what kind of art you will be seeing from me from now on as the next projects grow and take form.


It's finally time to get back to those old and complex fantasy worlds that I have been developing for so long. Can't wait to get to the part filled with magic, fantastical creatures including... Dragons!


Polly and the Black Ink 5 graphic novel volumes will keep you company. Each volume with 110 pages and the last one with 140 that will be available December 2017. 


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Kindle Cover : Ghosts of Heiland

Kindle Cover Reveal:

Hi, Vanessa here:

As you know, I've been remaking the cover for Heir of Scars I, Part I: Ghosts of Heiland. The very beginning of the story. The process took me a few weeks to sketch and paint. 
I was almost at the end when I realized the cover didn't have the right feel. 
After painting such realistic Adria for the paperback cover, I established a new tone for the series.

I loved my new portrait of Adria, but the mood of the epic novels speaks louder.

I worked hard to keep up with the deadline and turned my inspiration from a more digital game cover approach to the Old Masters' color pallet such as the American painter Albert Bierstadt.

This is a story of those who come to a new land to conquer others.

A tale of knights who battle natives and the journey of a girl who must decide who she is and for whom she must fight. 

The new cover shows you the shadow of a girl with a decision to make.

Join her.


Kindle book: $0,99

Free Calendar for Susbcribers

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Today October 13th 2017 I sent with my newsletter the November 2017 Calendar page free to download and print.

I will be gifting a page each every month until December 2018.


For those who you subscribed after the October 13th and until October 31st.


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Adria in New Kindle Cover

Heir of Scars book I part I (Kindle novella) Ghosts of Heiland gets a makeover. 


Adria Idonea sneak peek

This is how I spend my weekend.

Painting a new portrait of Adria Idonea.


The main character of Heir of Scars series by Jacob Falling. 

I love to paint noses, it's my favorite part and to paint women. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one will share more of the process as I go.

Have a great weekend surrounded by art, books and fun. 

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Sketch to Final

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Another page from my epic fantasy project Beyond the Cliff & Courage. It's Two Rivers City , where Aion lives with his Father Governor Portrio. 

I will show a sneak peek of these characters soon.

Evolution of Polly Mason Character

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Color Version

This was going to be the book cover for my next novel Beyond the Cliff and Courage.


   An epic novel of little insects with giant courage. 




I decided to take a more modern approach and make this the first illustration people will see when they open the book. 


Stay close don't miss out the news.

Digital Fridays: Free letter stationery template

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Old paper stationery free download
Download the file for free.
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old paper letter template.png
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Digital Tuesdays: Using Refence tutorial

digitalarttutorial usingrefencetutorial photoshoptutorial paintinglansdcape

Digital Fridays: Wip Speed painting unfinished

digitalart photoshoppainting digitalarttutorial

Digital Tuesdays: Coloring tip

coloringtip digitalpaintingtip digitialpainting tutorialdigitalpainting checkvaluestiptutorial

Digital Tuesdays: Drawing a chibi

Click on image to see the video on the facebook page Not From Brazil

To draw cute chibis, make the shapes large and round.

chibidigital drawingchibitutorial cartoon

Digital Friday: Halftone color

halftonetutorialcolor halftonecolorphotoshop comicbooktutorial comicbook panels graphicnovel tutorial

Digital Tuesdays: How to make Halftone with Photoshop

half tone color tutorial comic book halftone tutorial halftone photoshop easy tutorial gradient comic page

Digital Tuesday : Drawing a Map Part I

1- What kind of map will it be?

    An island.


2- What is the audiance?

     Children's books. Round, cute and symbols as the main language.


3- What exists in this map?

   Complete city with all sort of resources: buildings, schools, entertainment, services... Self suficient island.


4- First Step?

   Draw the island limits, place the main buildings. Start from large to small. Big to detail.


art Digital childrens books drawing map map tutorial


5- Is it done?

    Don't draw details or finished buildings untill you know for sure where to place EVERYTHING.


This map had at least 25 modifications and changes.

Ask me anything...

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Use reference to draw hands

drawing reference anatomy digital art drawing hands digital palete colors skin tones



Use your own hands for reference.






Wip BioShock Fan Art

fanart wip digitalart  games

#bioshockfanart #bigdaddy #littlesister #fanartgames

Friday Fan Art: Bioshock

Fan Art

Just because it's free it doesn't mean you can sell it. Be careful when using a reference or photo.


Fan Art is a complicated subject to discuss. Many think they can copy the art of others and use it without permission, even sell it.


It can be tricky when an artist uses references and can't create something completly different from the reference. Making a few changed doesn't make the original art yours.


Many use fan art to build up their popularity. The only way I agree with this is when the artist is able to create something completly new. The artist should shows its own style, should be able to show its own vision of a character, or piece of art and therefore bring something new and greater to the reference piece.


In the comic/ manga world, for instance, making Fan Art  will help the artist to show skills and how he/she can get a job and improve the artwork in an awesome way. It's a way to show off skills and creativity.



art fanart movies games  tvshows dancing groot gif guardians galexy

Wacom pen sensibility

I've installed the new driver expecting the next one will fix it. I don't think it will.

I work with photoshop and a intuous3... yeah cave woman... but that's what I've got. I have to unistall, restart, install the drivers everytime it stops working in the middle of work. It makes me so tired. Today it happened 7 times.

I rushed to the wacom official site to ask for help.

How can I restore my pen's sensibily without restarting 1000 times?

I couldn't ask them... I had to insert the serial number. I turned my wacom upside down and saw a light spot where once... 11 years ago, there was a sticker with the seriam number...

o_o this has to be a cartoon soon!

Understanding Perspective Part 3

disney pixar tutorial animation perspective studioghibli

Understanding Perspective 2

digital perspective in animation disney pixar minions tarzan dinamic perspective

Understanding Perspective

understanding perspective tutorial in animation disney pixar movies

#perspectivetutorialdisney #perspectivepixar #tutorialperspectiveanimation


How do I deal with artist block?

I don’t believe in artist block. I know by experience that most when this happens I’m just tired. I’m tired of painting or drawing the same theme, of the same routine or technique, of thinking always in the same way, or watching the same part of the canvas every day.

My brain needs novelty, to see, to experience and to be challenged. When I’m tired I need to step back from work and do something else.

There’s no unfailing formula to reveal. I can return back to work after listening to a song, reading a book, watching a show or an animation, mishearing someone… There’s no way to know what will strike me as a lightning, and make me go back to work or create something new.

As artist we need to be inquisitive, persistent and superheroes. Because superheroes:

...draw without purpose.
...paint without expectations.
...create without thinking for how much it will sell, but respect the worth of it
...never think drawing is a waste of time.
...insist in practicing without complain for the rest of their lives.
...never stop learning.
...are truthful to their art.
...draw without chasing other's expectations, but know to balance their style with the client
...are free artists.
...get up in the morning happy
...never quit

... and see an artist block as an opportunity to pursue other mediums and arts.

Many believe they exist somewhere out here and a little inside of us.


Trailer of my projects. Music by Adamantine

Children's book

Working on my Big George series, educational books for childrens. Big George is a friendly 6 year old bigfoot that is excited to learn, play and discover the world with his new little friends.