Polly and the Black Ink Books

Polly and the Black Ink, the last Volume - 140 pages long is finally out, closing the first arc of Polly Mason story.
Get it on amazon online store or personalized signed copies from me.

The Last door...

Polly Mason has collected the doors of everyone she knows. Friends and family, enemies and foes, heroes and villains.

These doors, which have kept their secrets safe, have also taken her into magical worlds, allowing her to know people better for who they truly are.

Although Polly Mason can visit any of their worlds, she cannot enter her own. It's up to her friends to save her core now, and no one thought her world could be so challenging and full of wonder.


Beyond the Cliff & Courage progress


It's been a long journey since chapter I.


The editing, formatting and illustrating process of each chapter took more time than writing and imagining the story but it will worth the wait.  


Every project and book becomes a path of wonderful discoveries and creation of fantastic unusual characters and their worlds. I can't wait to share the final project with you, but for now here is a bit more of my work in progress. 

For Beyond the Cliff & Courage epic fantasy, I've decided to design my own font and header to make each chapter more special. Besides the headers, each chapter will include at least four black and white illustrations ( I got carried away with some sections and drew about eight to ten illustrations).


I have about 50 chapters, which means... a lot of drawings per chapter. It's a long and slow project, but the finished book will be worth it. The illustration that won't make into the book will be turned into color prints or an extra booklet - I still have to think about it. The priority is to finish this project with as much quality as I can muster.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Don't be shy and leave a comment. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

And so it ends!

And so it ends. The last volume of Polly and the Black Ink will be soon be available to you.


I always have a rough time saying goodbye to projects.  On the other hand, the journey just began for many. Now it's time to share this story that carries so much of my soul with the rest of the world.


Polly Mason accepted the responsibility of her abilities knowing the price. She has no regrets.


Join her and open one last door.


Polly and the Black Ink is an all-ages graphic novel full of adventure, discovery, imagination, fantasy, friendship and a lot of teamwork (with the help of a lazy sidekick cat) on a journey to fight an epic villain.


540 pages - 5 volumes 

Kindle Cover : Ghosts of Heiland

Kindle Cover Reveal:

Hi, Vanessa here:

As you know, I've been remaking the cover for Heir of Scars I, Part I: Ghosts of Heiland. The very beginning of the story. The process took me a few weeks to sketch and paint. 
I was almost at the end when I realized the cover didn't have the right feel. 
After painting such realistic Adria for the paperback cover, I established a new tone for the series.

I loved my new portrait of Adria, but the mood of the epic novels speaks louder.

I worked hard to keep up with the deadline and turned my inspiration from a more digital game cover approach to the Old Masters' color pallet such as the American painter Albert Bierstadt.

This is a story of those who come to a new land to conquer others.

A tale of knights who battle natives and the journey of a girl who must decide who she is and for whom she must fight. 

The new cover shows you the shadow of a girl with a decision to make.

Join her.


Kindle book: $0,99

Fans meet author / Authors meet fans: Dealing with social anxiety

dealing with social anxiety


Artists are probably the people who are less prepared to deal with social interaction and talk to the public. We're the ones that decided to stay indoors and create instead of going out. It's a lifestyle, but it means we don't build as many social skills as needed. 


Times change and it's expected from the artist to show our process, our story, to be part of the art and make fans part of it too. We have to put ourselves out there and hope for the best.



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It's our passion for our art and the respect that we have for our fans that lead us to fight these horrible monsters and deal with our social anxiety in loco


We practice in front of the mirror and try to come up with better ways to present our work and ourselves, but there is just so much we can predict and practice after all. 


I can say that my years working as a teacher improved my ability to communicate in public a lot.


My cute little students allowed me to be expressive and to be myself. They didn't judge me and as they were honest as children can be. They taught me a lot.


Talking to adults is a bit different. 


In the wise words of Yoda... Do or Do Not...


I am the kind of girl that Goes Big or Goes Home. My first artist table was a huge event.


When we apply for a big comic convention as Awesome Con, we have to do it almost six months or more before to save a spot. You may think that it's good news.

spx, small press expo
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Free Calendar for Susbcribers

free calendar, calendar, graphic novel, comics, notfrombrazil

  NotFromBrazil FREE calendar for subscribers.

Today October 13th 2017 I sent with my newsletter the November 2017 Calendar page free to download and print.

I will be gifting a page each every month until December 2018.


For those who you subscribed after the October 13th and until October 31st.


I will send the November Calendar directly to your email. 



Subscribe to notfrombrazil.com or vanessabettencourtart.com


Adria in New Kindle Cover

Heir of Scars book I part I (Kindle novella) Ghosts of Heiland gets a makeover. 


Art on the Avenue

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Last October 7th was fun with the Alexandria Library at the Del Ray, Artist Demonstration area. 
Warming up drawing before the crowd arrived.
I got to draw 65 children from 9 to 18h it was a non stopping blast. Thanks to all of those who came by the table to say hi! We had lot's of fun.


Kids are usually shy and they get nervous when I stare at them too much, so instead of being quite, we just talk about all of the fun things: their hobbies, their adventures, the things they love and want to accomplish. This helps me to infuse a lot of personality into their portraits and add extra background elements. 

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Del Rey Arts on the Avenue - Artist Demonstration

garfield, graphic novel, comics, amazon top, biographic comics, humor, books,  Arts on the Avenue, coincidence, Del ray, comic pages

October 7th. It's this Saturday!! Art on the Avenue is going to be full of pencil portraits. I will be drawing cartoon portraits in my style of attendees at the ARTIST DEMONSTRATION tent 66-87 E Curtis Avenue and raising money for the library. It's a great cause. Please come to our tent : D

Drawing live is the only time that I have to be less extrovert and ignore my anxieties.

I have to look people in the eye and catch their personality with a few pencil lines. It helps when people talk to me, ask me about my trade and share their life stories and adventures too. It's a fun way to interact, fight my social anxieties and share what I love to do.

Here is the map with the exact location.
Drop by and say hi! 

Top 40! Thanks to my readers!

Great News!! Notfrombrazil reached top 40 on Amazon. Thank you, guys! Right next to Garfield... wait...

Aahahah! This is hilarious. It's just like page 65 of Notfrombrazil!!! What a coincidence!

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Fall Festival at the Library (Beatley Central Library - Alexandria)

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Last week at the Fall Festival I had a lot of fun giving tips on how to draw cartoon portraits, starting with the basic shapes. 


Ah hour later I had a line of amazing people of all ages ready to sit down in front of me and see their portrait quickly appear from simple lines to recognition. 


It was an amazing experience, where I traded portraits for their stories. They asked me about my trade, and I got to know this community better.

The library is huge, well organized and with amazing staff.


Thank you all for having me.


Some of the kids where nice to draw me back. I think I'm a winner here, don't you think?

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NotFromBrazil Book Trailer

Waaa 💞🙋 finally done. My first animation so please be gentle. Official book trailer for Notfrombrazil.com webcomic book series. 

Hope it's fun to watch. 
If you were part of our long distance relationship you might recognize yourself in these pages.

Small Press Expo

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Small Press Expo this weekend was a blast.

It's the best place to discover high-quality work, hunt for amazing books, meet their creators and connect to amazing artists.


We had the change to showcase our work to a lot of diverse and interesting people.  We were humbled and inspired by their stories, their passion and their goals. 



We thank those who showed interest and passion for our books and took a piece of our story home.


As a husband and wife duo, it was fun and an honor to present Heir of Scars. The epic fantasy novel project by Jacob Falling (my husband's pen name for this project) that started all.  American author in search of art for his cover hires Portuguese artist girl!


389.. 390... webcomic episodes later, I am proud to present my first NotFromBrazil.com  paperback that covers the first year of our relationship with tips on how to survive a long distance relationship and travel alone without stress. Also... the debut of volume IV of Polly and the Black Ink. This volume speaks so much to me. Only one left to finish the first Arc of Polly and the Black Ink series.


You can find all our books and kindle editions here.




Signing personalized copies to our new readers is fun!

Restocking Prints

polly and the black ink, polly mason, prints, art, digital art, graphic novel, darkness, fighting depression, friendship, adventure, mystery, fantasy, parallel worlds, sidekick cat, comics

Prints available on my e-store.

Not from Brazil Volume I is Out

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Holy Pony News! 

My dearest fans, friends and family. I've worked so hard these past months... That I couldn't wait anymore. So here it is.

Available on all Amazon online stores.

This volume includes the first year of our long distance relationship, all cartoons redrawn, new pages never published before, new characters and tips on how to travel without stress and how to survive a long distance relationship.

Don't forget to review and share with everyone! Thank you so much!

What's next?

What project will follow Polly and the Black Ink ?

Only one more book to finish the first arc of Polly and the Black Ink graphic novel! What then?


The next project will be a Children's Novel that the adults will truly appreciate.


Are you afraid of spiders? I am.

This project was born from my fear of spiders. I molded my fear into words and an created a new land. A world where insects fear spiders too...  They fear their dark and evil.



I've been working on the manuscript for a year and a half already to come up with my perfect version of  Beyond the Cliff & Courage.  An epic fantasy novel of little bugs with giant courage. A fight between good and evil.


I don't want it to be one more book that entertains and gets consumed quickly.

I want the reader to remember it for ever. I want this story to survive the ages and to make readers come back to it and reread it every year.


The same for the illustrations. I want each one to stand out as a work of art.


Can't wait to share more of my process and the book.

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New Volume out

Polly and the Black Ink IV is out!

You can get your paperback copy of Polly and the Black Ink Volume IV - Into the Darkness from amazon online stores, soon available all around the world


Time is up! They can choose to fight... or watch their world crumble. Polly is ready and no matter what happens, she's not alone.


It's time to open doors and reveal all secrets.


Paperback 7 x 10 full -color -104 pages


News & Events

Lots of news and work since our the last comic convention. Here are some updates on the different projects of Violet West Entertainment:

  •  Restocking with copies of Heir of Scars Book I for the Small Press Expo event - Table Location- W9.
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Next Events

Shout-out to Logan Public Library


I will DRAW your DOOR in POLLY AND THE BLACK INK graphic novel.



Thank you so much, Logan Public Library (Iowa) students and staff for making my day.  The reviews not only elevate Polly but also inspire me to want to make better and more.

 I had such a great time Skyping with you the last time and talking about Polly, my process of creation and answering your questions. I will look forward to getting the drawings of your doors (representing your personality, interests and worlds) so I can draw them on Polly and the Black Ink volume V coming out next December.


 This is valid for any of my readers. 


ATTENTION: This means you can send me the drawings until the end of October.  I'm really excited to see them.

I will draw the best imaginary doors as part of the story.


 Contact: vanessabettencourtart@gmail.com


Give your best shot! 

Evolution of Polly Mason Character

character design, graphic novel, evolution, drawing evolution, character evolution, polly mason, vanessa bettencourt art

Color Version

This was going to be the book cover for my next novel Beyond the Cliff and Courage.


   An epic novel of little insects with giant courage. 




I decided to take a more modern approach and make this the first illustration people will see when they open the book. 


Stay close don't miss out the news.

New Notfrombrazil Vol. I Cover

 Cover for Notfrombrazil first Paperback and Kindle Edition is ready. Volume I will be on Kickstarter soon. Thank you all for your support!!




Adding some extra pages to the book right now with tips about long distance relationship and flying alone for the first time!



NotfromBrazil Book Volume I

graphic novel, comicbook, kindle, comics, sliceoflife, long distance relationship, visa, K1, comics, funny, humor, publishing, createspace comics

NOTFROMBRAZIL Volume I is about to happen. After three years of nonstop episodes three times a week!



Holy Pony!  I'm so excited... and a bit nervous. Am I revealing things I never published before? Of course! It's a totally new experience, even if you have binged our story more than once!


All comic pages are color now, featuring the same style - completely redrawn.   I added some pages that never got published online before.  Also, there's a lot of new characters and humor.  Adding some long distance relationship and how to travel long distances tips.  


The story flows as a graphic novel and tells how we met and how our relationship developed. If you were part of our long distance relationship first year, you are probably a character in this book! Others will appear in the next volumes as the story develops. 


It's a great way to honor amazing people who were part of our lives, family and friends and those who have already departed.


We're aiming for a paperback and a Kindle version this September. Still considering the opportunity to do a Kickstarter for all of those who are interested in having a personalized signed copy of the book and extra .


graphic novel, webcomic, comics, comic page, slice of life comics, notfrombrazil, volume I, long distance relationship, tips

Epics Insects

insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book


insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book Beyond the Cliff & Courage insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book


insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book This is the first chapter illustration of my next project (epic fantasy  novel of little insects with giant courage). 


insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book 


insects, book illustration, books cover , drawing, chapter illustration, fantasy, epic, spiders, heroes, story, novel, kindle book They are fearful and they will finish their quest no matter what. 


 Working really hard on three projects at the same time.


 Finishing formatting Notfrombrazil Volume I to print this next August with new characters and comic pages never published before. If you were part of our story in the first years of our relationship you will be a character in this book. Others will show in the next volumes.


 Final edits on Polly and the Black Ink Volume IV and starting to illustrate the chapters of my next novel.


You will be able to get these books on amazon or grab them from me personalized signed copies with secret gifts.




The Maze

: ( Don't you feel lost sometimes...? 

School ends and a new life is about to start. So many choices... so many paths. The pressure of choosing the right one.

The desire to move forward and never look back. 


Some worlds are the mirror of our feelings.

They are long confused mazes. 


Polly found the door to one of the most confused world. Her friend is in danger of loosing her colors forever. Polly can't quit. She must find the core first. The race is on and the fight against the Black Ink continues.


To whom this world belongs to? 

Will Polly Mason make it to the core and use her colors to save it?




Books available on Amazon (several countries). Please leave a review after you read it on Amazon and Goodreads. I would love to know what your thoughts about it.


Notfrombrazil special news

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Holy Pony!


Summer might be one of the times that I work the most during the year. Planning and executing all the new projects for next September and keep old projects going. 


Here's a W.I.P of what's to come. Redrawing, coloring and adding extra new (never published before) cartoons to NotFromBrazil that will be available as a First Volume next September.  


If you were part of our life in the beginning of our story, you will be definitely a character in the first volume or next. 
Stay close! Don't miss a thing!


To get an email reminder every Friday with the direct links to the newest episodes, please subscribe to this site or to www.notfrombrazil.com


Awesome con DC 2017 Artist Alley Review


Gloomy Sunday Nigh...

A week has passed since the excitement of Awesome Con Dc 2017.

Don't you just hate the days after?

Wait... I'm I turning grey? Polly!!! (I hope she finds my door soon.)


For now... The only way I can fight the emptiness is to start preparing the next event.


Awesome Con 2017 Artist Alley had many important guests this year. Starting with Stan Lee and David Tennant... and ending with the presence of old friends from previous events.

Special thanks to those who visited our booth and supported us by getting new art and new books or simply to say hi and take some photos. We enjoyed every moment.


The event was extremely family friendly, and the result was a fun Sunday with new young fans.

We talked about Polly and our love to draw. We exchanged ideas about upcoming animations, games and summer graphic novels. I'm glad to have a few more fans from whom I hope to see fan art and drawings soon has they have promised me.

They had fun and that makes me extremely pleased, moreover because Polly Mason and Paws had an important part in their smiles. 


Polly and the Black Ink is an all ages graphic novel, drawing adults too who immediately realize the potential of the story.  They categorize it as a great and interesting concept altogether with very original artwork and style.

Prints available here.

Books available on Amazon.


 The story becomes more complex. We find ourselves following Polly Mason into mysterious and parallel worlds full of fantasy and populated with people's ideas, dreams and personalities.


Who or what is the Black Ink? How can it be stopped? Can it be stopped at all?


Heir of Scars epic fantasy novel book I by Jacob Falling was equally a success. Many are right now following Adria Idonea. The princess who refused to stay in her tower. Adria rebellions against the king, her father, and joins her uncle in the forest to become one of the Aesidhe.

The indigenous tribe welcomed her, and she becomes a Hunter... a Healer... until a promise must be kept and she must decide if her place is with the Aesidhe, fighting her father's knights or back home... 


The new art includes the collection series of The Whispers and The Watchers. Prints available here.

Books available on Amazon.


Next events here.



And of course it wouldn't be a truly comic con convention without the best cosplayers.

TABLE K15 - Violet West Entertainment at Awesome Con D.C 2017

Interview: Meet a Local Cartoonist Vanessa Bettencourt

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Workshop Was Fun!

Polly and the Black Ink graphic novel and I returned to the local independent bookstore Hooray for Books.



Special thanks to Ellen for having me in her fantastic and always updated store again. (They always have events happening all the time  - check their schedule.) I will be returning there next September with new Polly volumes.





Polly and the Black Ink Volume III: Heroes and Villains book III is coming out soon. What a better way to celebrate it than a free workshop, teaching the audience to draw their hero or villain from scratch.






Volume III: Heroes and Villains

We had a great time.


I'm grateful my audience included children from 5-years-old up to adults. I'm happy that in the end, the parents joined the fun as well.

One of the tables:

I  started by introducing Polly, telling her story.

Polly moves to Sanctuary. From a big city to a small island that shows in no map in the world. Everyone who lives there has a secret and... Polly discovers that something evil followed her to the island.


My audience quickly pointed out the Black Ink as the great mysterious Evil. They learned the Black Ink was responsible for turning people grey.


One of the kids in the audience had a grey hoodie, and her reaction was great. Without wasting time, I reassured Kassie that Polly was going to save her from becoming grey too because Polly is the only one who can see it happen and she will open a door into Kassie's world and save her core.

We broke the ice it was time to start drawing.

Basic shapes make different characters.


I use a lot of round and oval shapes to make them look cute. With squares and straight lines I can create more heroic and stronger characters, and for villains, I reserve harsh and sharp shapes.

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Book Signing at Bookstore


Just arrived from my book event at Hooray for Books bookstore. It was such a great time to share my work, meet other local authors and make new fans and friends. YAY! I will be back for a new event at the same place September 9th with Polly and the Black Ink Grafic Novel and personalize book signings.

Artist Alley Polly first public appearance

Our first time at Katsucon, I confess I was nervous taking an original graphic novel to a crowd who already gave their love to famous anime and cartoon characters, but it turned out great. It was fun to recognize some of Heir of Scars fans from last year's Awesome Con artist alley. They didn't recognize us because we had a completely different product and display. Still they stopped by and were very interested in Polly and that made me happy.

Polly made a lot of people stop and talk to me. I am so thankful to all of my new fans who got both volumes (I and II) without hesitation.

A year ago I decided to make a graphic novel and finish it in one year. I did it and now Polly is in many homes. It's not just only mine. I'm confident people will love it.

Also would like to thank the notfrombrazil.com fans who came to our table to meet us and take a selfie. It meant a lot to me. Hope to see you again at Awesome con Artist Alley for another three days of fun!

katsucon2017, artist alley, awesomecon 2017, awesome con, katsucon, graphic novel, commissions

www.notfrombrazil.com is a free webcomic series that tells the story of how I came to meet Jon and move into the USA. It's a comedy, biographical comic series. It updates three times a week.

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Awesome con was great

Awesome con was great. We got a chance to make lots of new friends and share our projects. Can't wait to see you all again next year.




 You are part of our inspiration and creative process.

Here are the available titles:


Heir of Scars Epic Fantasy Novels


Graphic Novel Polly and the Black Ink


Art Prints 





Help us reach more people by reviewing our books on Amazon. Just mention that you got the book directly from the authors at a book fair or artist alley. And share this projects with your friends and family.


After such great weekend at Awesome Con DC 2016 I have to thank all the cosplayers who stopped for a quick picture by our table. It was such a great time. Thank you all for your creativity and good humor. See you next year at Awesome Con

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