Happy New Year



And a Happy New Year with lots of Art and Books.

Sketching and Painting exercises

 Some speed drawing and speed painting exercises.

New Cover for New Volume

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Polly and the Black Ink Review



Polly and the Black Ink Graphic Novel Book I A New Start got its first review on amazon.com


Polly is delighted. She can't wait to share the rest of her adventures and recent discoveries with you.


(You can still get it before Christmas, order here.)


I'm already working on the next cover for Polly and the Black Ink Book II - THe Other Side. I hope to have both volumes ready for Katsucon 2017 next February.

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Update on Beyond the Cliff and Courage



Decisions... Decisions... 


During the book editing process the illustrations for each chapter also need to be adjusted. Some are discarded other added to the new pages.


The logo also got a major update. Lost Valley Series vs Beyond the Cliff & Courage.


Beyond the Cliff & Courage will be a stand alone epic novel coming out soon (2017).



Heir of Scars Concept Art

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Next Artist Alley



We'll be on next  Katsucon 2017 Artist Ally with Polly and Heir of Scars books and art.


Beyond the Cliff and Courage Characters

There's a lot going on... and it's great!


Working on a lot of projects and commissions at the same time.


As for personal projects...


Keeping up with Polly and the Black Ink, and sketching more realistic portraits and fantasy art for Heir of Scars novels. 


Also preparing to share with you soon Beyond the Cliff and Courage. A stand alone fantasy book staring Aion and Valia. Making my best so you can get a paperback copy before our next artist alley appearance next February. (Katsucon).


Now... back to work!

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Aunt Sarah doll



Aunt Sarah is very  happy to have her niece living with her on Sanctuary Island. Polly has no ideia how mysterious her aunt is...


Get your copy HERE


Playing with some felt, made this cute little Aunt Sarah doll.

Beyond the Cliff & Courage



An epic story of little people and great deeds coming out this December. 


More updates soon.

X-mas decorations

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Working on the cover for next book


Working on the cover for my next novel to be released December. 


Aion is not an ant... nor is he a moth...


...but he is surely very brave.


Holiday Sales

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Trick or Treat!

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Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween!

Polly, Paws, Fred and Allyson are ready for Trick or Treat!


Follow Polly's adventures. Read the first pages for free on my official site or get the paperback. I will mail you the Thank you Pack as soon as you share with me a picture holding Polly and the Black Ink book.


Don't forget to tell your friends about Polly. An all age graphic novel full of mystery and adventure.

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Happy Halloween

Little Felt Ghost

felt, doll, tutorial, ghost, celebration, decoration, halloween, cute, monster, sewing, blanket stitch, dolls, fabric, wip
felt, doll, tutorial, ghost, celebration, decoration, halloween, cute, monster, sewing, blanket stitch, dolls, fabric, wip




Every day is Girl's Day!



Paperback: Amazon. Get your copy here. Take a picture, send it to me or post it on facebook with tag @pollyandtheblackink and I will mail you the Thank You Pack.


Thank you!

Don't forget to review.





Thank you pack!

A special thank you to my readers.
Take a picture of you with the paperback (post it or send it to me)
Paperback: http://amzn.to/2dsdBR0
Available on all Amazon stores.

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Allyson Anderson. 

Don't let the blue in her hair fool you. She's playful and energetic. She loves to climb trees and discover new disgusting animal species. 


Allyson Anderson.

Não te iludes com o azul dos seus cabelos. Ela é brincalhona e energética. Adora escalar árvores e descobrir novas espécies de animais nojentos. 


Paperback Book I: Amazon

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A special thank you to my readers

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Paperback release

Omg! It's finally here and it's finally real. I have my paperback copy and you can have one too. Polly and the Black Ink Book I - A New Start . The paperback is already available. 7x10 Soft cover book with 106 colorful pages. 


Get your copy here :  http://amzn.to/2dsdBR0


Please share with your friends and family if you think they will enjoy following Polly's adventure. Polly and the Black Ink is an all age graphic novel with lots of  mystery and adventure.

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Wednesday's great news!

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It's Wednesday so two more Polly and the Black Ink pages are up to read in both English and Portuguese.


But that's not all.


I am so proud and happy to announce the first paperback (106 colorful pages 7x10  soft cover only in english) will be available at the end of this week on Amazon and later on other stores. You will be able to continue to read pages online on the website for free for a while, but I would love to share this first project with you.


Loved ones, friends and family, thank you all for making it possible.

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Cover Reveal

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Making a 20" Polly Standee to use on my next convention. The markers aren't Copic so they don't blend as I wanted, but it's turning out really cute.


A fazer um placard com a Polly de 30 cm para usar na minha próxima convenção. Os marcadores não são Copics por isso não se misturam como eu queria, mas está a ficar fofinho. 


Read here in English.


Ler aqui em português

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Character Cards

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Halloween Memory game

memory card deck game crafter halloween cute monsters kids costumes black cat zombie devil demon pumpkin jack o lantern werewolf frog haunted house witch frankenstein bat dracula vampire scarecrow skull sketleton mummy trick or treat children boogie man



Flip a pair to win with Halloween cute monsters and kids in costumes.


72 cards


2.5" x 3.5" Cards


Get your deck here.


Printing and shipping might take up to 1 to 2 weeks. 


$15.99 or  14.33 Euros 


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Colorful Portraits



I would like to thank everyone for the support. The first 100 pages of Polly are already edited and formatted and I'll be posting them Wednesdays here 


Now it's time to finish another project (chapter and cover illustrations) that will come out in December and set others in motion. 


You can follow me on instagram @vanessabettencourtart


New pages



Two new pages today.


Meet Polly and her aunt Sarah.


You can read in English or Portuguese.

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Sanctuary Island

ink, pencil, drawing, art, sketch, inktober, cross hatching, illustration, graphic novel for kids

Sanctuary Island is peaceful and quiet. It does not show on any map, but once a year it welcomes foreigners to a unique carnival.

Sanctuary will be Polly and Paws' new home. They just moved from a busy city and didn't expect Sanctuary Island to be so fascinating and mysterious. 

Read graphic novel here.


Ilha Sanctuário e pacifica e sossegada. Não aparece em nenhum mapa, mas uma vez por ano convida todos os forasteiros para uma feira muito especial.

A ilha Sanctuário  será a nova casa da Polly e o do Paws. Eles mudaram-se de uma cidade agitada e não esperavam que a Ilha fosse tão fascinante e misteriosa.

Lê banda desenhada em português aqui.


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Polly and the Black Ink online


You can read Polly and the Black Ink online for free. I will upload a page every Wednesday in English and Portuguese.


Agora já podes ler Polly e a Tinta Negra grátis e em formato digital. Irei colocar uma página todas as quartas-feiras em inglês e português.


Also / Também no facebook:


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Facebook page



Launching new Facebook page September 7th  to keep you update with Polly and the Black Ink.

Episode IV

starwars luke skywalker fanart comics cartoon meme funny episode 4 IV




Oh Luke...

Sunday Night

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My monsters cosplaying



Have a good Holiday!

New blog post

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More Cute Monsters

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Notfrombrazil.com updates every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Free


You can also follow and comment on the facebook page.

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Steps to a Cover: Part III

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Steps of a Cover: Part II

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Steps of a cover: Part I



Starting to design the first cover for Polly and the Black Ink. The logo is long and I will like to show as much of Polly's personality in it as possible. I will use her colors and maybe add some reference to Paws, like the tail on the Y or just the whiskers.


I already have two favorites from this page.


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New cover reveal





My cover for the kindle version of Heir of Scars II Part II: Crossroads and Crossed Swords, coming out September 2016. 






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A print for later



When I finish the last chapter this month of the graphic novel Polly and the Black Ink, I will start drawing prints like these to add to the collection.  

Polly and David Lemieux enjoying summer.


Have a great weekend.

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Polly and Friends



Polly, Paws and Manny playing cards. I don't think he quite understands the game.

From my graphic novel WIP Polly and the Black Ink. 


Coming out soon.

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Polly and the Black Ink News


After nine days still working on the final chapters of Polly to make it better and then decide if I will share with you in volumes or the entire book in a paperback.


Share your printing experience if you had done this before.

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Focused on drawing and coloring the last pages of Polly and the Black Ink, which is for me the hardest part (creating an ending that satisfies me). I already have my mind on another story to start this September, but I can't let Polly down. 



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More characters from Polly and the Black Ink. These are random students that I draw on the background.

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Lunch Break Sketch



Taking a break to cook, sketch, listen to music and think about the next double page that I have to paint tomorrow full of detail.

Matching the style to the Seer. 

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Polly and the Black Ink Panel



What is the best way to get to know your new friends better, than going to a Fair? They had a lot of fun.


Polly and the Black Ink Graphic Novel page. 


Today I drafted the last chapter of the graphic novel. I can't wait to start inking and painting it.

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Polly and the Black Ink Characters



Not all characters appear in every page of the graphic novel Polly and the Black Ink.


Some just appear once and in one panel, like this insurance lady, but she has as much detail and personality as the rest of the characters.


Paws is such a lazy cat.

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New Heir of Scars II cover news

Heir of Scars I    Kindle Covers (part 1 to 8)

Heir of Scars II  Kindle Covers (Part 1)  $0.99

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The Seer



Finalized the drawing of the Seer during my lunch and Polly and the Black Ink breaks.

I almost almost wished it was 11x17 paper instead of 11x14. She would be even better a bit taller. 


I love mosaics and stone and I have a preference to  draw women with classical Greek or Roman influence. 







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Polly and the Black Ink  WIP


Gabrielle owns a Flower Shop. She's the twin's mother. On the right Anna Mason, Polly's mother who loves antiques. She would do anything to travel to Europe and open another Antique shop.


I'm making these character portraits on the moleskine journal now, although I'm almost finishing Polly and the Black Ink for documentary purposes. Also so I can use it to check out hairstyles and small details about them when I go too long without drawing one of them.

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95% Wip Seer

#fantasydrawing #fantasy #fantastic #owl #pygmyowl #animal #sketch #seer #illustration #traditionalart #drawclassic


Almost done. Need to render the stain glass and her robes. Maybe will finish tomorrow. 


I really love her expression and the motion of her hair in contrast with the mosaic that does not imply any sort of movement, but heaviness instead. 


I should have started with the background, but I wasn't sure if I was going to draw her against open sky or not. I'm pleased with the result so far.

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Wip Polly and the Black Ink

More sketches made at the bus stop. Waiting for the bus allowed me to draw at least 6 more characters.


This time the characters are teachers, Mr. Grey and the Principal Mrs. Sanders. Polly has to learn how to deal with both. Let's just Polly and Mr. Grey don't get along to begin with.






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The Seer Wip



Another step of my work in progress. making a mosaic on the background. Have to be careful not to smudge her hair. 

The Seer is pencil B, 2B, 4B so far on paper (watercolor hot press 25% cotton paper) 11x14




www.heirofscars.com  (fantasy books)


Fantasy Art (porfolio)




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Character Design Challenge



Redrawing the Polly and the Black Ink is proving to be a bit of a challenge and a step back that I hope to overcome soon, so I can keep my schedule.


For now, here is my entry for the Facebook contest Character Design Facebook Challenge of this month: Geisha.



My design is a sushi girl with tamago (egg) shoes, maguro (tuna) hair, rice face, wasabi eyes and dress. Also she has ikura (fish eggs/ caviar as jewels on her hair. This was really fun to do.





My official sites:

Big George Books

Free Webcomic 


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New blog post

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Wip Polly and the Black Ink


A very young version of Polly from the graphic novel. Remaking some pages towards the end to make it better. 


This is one of her memories.





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More Polly and the Black Ink characters.

#graphicnovel #workinprogress #drawingsaturday #drawing #sketch_dailies #sketchbook #moleskinesketchbook #illustration #portrait #pen


Taking a step back to redraw some of Polly and the Black Ink graphic novel pages, now towards it's end. 

In the meanwhile, meet Jax and Owen. Two of Polly's friends. Jax loves the beach, to surf and he is very carefree. So is Owen who loves animals, dinosaurs and dragons.




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