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Motivational Book

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Never Give Up is a whimsical workbook, fully illustrated and interactive, with tips for both young artists and adults who want to find their path back to art. 


Every page contains tips and suggestions to help you find your methods and motivation to finish your projects. 



#Draw5Today August

#Draw5Today with simple shapes - August theme: Summer


Print the size you feel less overwhelmed with. Have fun creating ideas that will help you brainstorm.

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Four in a Page
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New Graphic Novel

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Notfrombrazil - Last Summer Vacation Before Quarantine celebrates traveling before Covid changed the world. A trip to New York that focuses on locations and events. The perfect book for those who want to see NY for the first time or remember their visit.


Celebrating my brother's birthday. Two years ago we were in New York.

This book is for you.

Uptown Chicago Market

Uptown Sunday at the Chicago Market


Sunday was a very happy day. I love having my table with all the books and the banners behind me. All my hardwork visible so I can stop saying I'm not doing enough.
Everyone had fun questions, and it was great to explain notfrombrazil name to people.
Gave mini-comics and stickers away.
Sold out Polly volume I. Was a bit nervous after that, but parents kept buying the entire series excited to get home and order Polly volume I from amazon. That was awesome.
Another great moment was seeing people laugh out loud when they opened notfrombrazil on a random page.
It's still not easy to go outside and my next event may be just next year, but it was a great Sunday indeed.
Thank you so much to Chicago Market for hosting this event and having us. And Greg from @exploreuptownchi for the amazing Art Week event.
#uptownartweekend #uptownartweek

Uptown Art Week

What I'll display

This week will be amazing. If I get the chance to showcase my art at the Chicago Market (Wilson and Brodway) come visit me August 8, 2021 

Handmade greeting cards with my new collection of urban sketching from Uptown locations and waterfront.




Mini comics - Story: How to Urban sketch (in Uptown) Fun and with tips

Made with the style of my webcomic Notfrombrazil

(see Mayor Lightfoot's episode and style here)




Support Local Businesses

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Before and now. Notfrombrazil upcoming book: The last Summer Vacation before Quarantine celebrates traveling before COVID changed the world. A trip to New York that focuses on locations and events. It also remembers the places that didn't make it.

Lyre Easel Assembling instructions: Hobby Lobby

tutorial fineart traditional art lyre easel assembling hobbylobby lyre tutorial  easel lyre assembling easel LYRE studio setup  easel traditional

Love to read graphic novels and epic fantasy books? Visit  The Violet West

Store Updated


You can find now collections of stickers with characters and themes from my books.


More new sticker packs soons.



Patreon Menu for June

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Patreon May Menu



What can you find during May if you become my Patron.


Join here.

New Wallpaper


At the request of many here it is. February wallpaper.



Doodle Mini Painting

A fun little doddle.


Polly Mason and Paws. Characters from my graphic novel Polly and the Black Ink.


Video is available (drawing and painting) on my Patreon.


I had so many wonderful reviews from different ages. Although the first volume is light and simple, the story begins to be more complex.


Here are my newest reviews. This fan couldn't stop reading. It made me so happy.

Acrylic Paint

One of the Monday weekly mini paintings. I'm loving these acrylic exercises. The paint is so thick and dries almost instantly. I paint one each Sunday and post Monday on my Patreon. One per Monday, one year, 52 paintings.


(You can join and leave Patreon whenever you want.)

Posca Pens Bird Months

I'm using these posca pens on a black sketchbook. So addicting. I will fill the entire sketchbook of black pages with these pens.


One birth for each month. February is a indigo bunting. What a marvelous blue.


More posca pen posts and monthly birds on my Patreon.

Gouache: Tube or Pans?

Do I prefer to use gouache from the dry pans or directly from the tube? 
They have different properties and will act differently as well.

I made color swatches from the same colors (from the tube and from the dry pan).

The dry pan acts more like watercolor.


For the entire article, join me on Patreon and see the difference.

#Draw5Today January

For January's #Draw5Today I had fun with some snowmen. Which one is your favorite?


The full video for this drawing and washes can be found on my Patreon.


Next month will be penguins.

Personalized mugs Fun

😆Made these personalized cartoon mugs for friends and family to thank them.

Monthly Craft Project: January (Greeting Cards)

I have so many greeting cards that I've ran out of space to store them. But I can't just let them go. See how I use the Christmas mail to make an organizer to store all my precious greeting cards.


(Full video is available on my Patreon) 

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