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Awesome con DC 2017 Artist Alley Review


Gloomy Sunday Nigh...

A week has passed since the excitement of Awesome Con Dc 2017.

Don't you just hate the days after?

Wait... I'm I turning grey? Polly!!! (I hope she finds my door soon.)


For now... The only way I can fight the emptiness is to start preparing the next event.


Awesome Con 2017 Artist Alley had many important guests this year. Starting with Stan Lee and David Tennant... and ending with the presence of old friends from previous events.

Special thanks to those who visited our booth and supported us by getting new art and new books or simply to say hi and take some photos. We enjoyed every moment.


The event was extremely family friendly, and the result was a fun Sunday with new young fans.

We talked about Polly and our love to draw. We exchanged ideas about upcoming animations, games and summer graphic novels. I'm glad to have a few more fans from whom I hope to see fan art and drawings soon has they have promised me.

They had fun and that makes me extremely pleased, moreover because Polly Mason and Paws had an important part in their smiles. 


Polly and the Black Ink is an all ages graphic novel, drawing adults too who immediately realize the potential of the story.  They categorize it as a great and interesting concept altogether with very original artwork and style.

Prints available here.

Books available on Amazon.


 The story becomes more complex. We find ourselves following Polly Mason into mysterious and parallel worlds full of fantasy and populated with people's ideas, dreams and personalities.


Who or what is the Black Ink? How can it be stopped? Can it be stopped at all?


Heir of Scars epic fantasy novel book I by Jacob Falling was equally a success. Many are right now following Adria Idonea. The princess who refused to stay in her tower. Adria rebellions against the king, her father, and joins her uncle in the forest to become one of the Aesidhe.

The indigenous tribe welcomed her, and she becomes a Hunter... a Healer... until a promise must be kept and she must decide if her place is with the Aesidhe, fighting her father's knights or back home... 


The new art includes the collection series of The Whispers and The Watchers. Prints available here.

Books available on Amazon.


Next events here.



And of course it wouldn't be a truly comic con convention without the best cosplayers.

DIY project Happy Summer

🌟Happy Summer! 🌟🎨🙌🐰
Project: DIY draw all your great summer days in a comic strip.


🎨Draw the best 💞 moments and build your Summer diary.


✏✏Make your own or get the template.

Garfield Day




Happy Garfield Day.


It has been an important influence since I was a child. Here's my mash up Garfield and Doctor Who to spice things a little.


I recorded the pencil sketch and digital ink that I will upload to my YouTube later.



TABLE K15 - Violet West Entertainment at Awesome Con D.C 2017

Dia de Portugal e Dia de Camoes



A celebrar o dia de hoje com todo os meus fans portugueses que tanto sofreram... sofrem... ou ainda irão sofrer com o estudo d' Os Lusíadas, mas que para sempre lhes ficará na alma o orgulho. Feliz Dia de Camões e Feliz Dia de Portugal.

Celebrating Portugal Day and Luís de Camões - author of the epic poem Os Lusíadas - Day.






Polly and the Black Ink Volume III Release

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Holy Pony! Polly and the Black Ink Volume III is out! 


Like I announced on the past interview (see last blog post), Volume III paperback Heroes or Villains is now available.


You can get your copy here.



Interview: Meet a Local Cartoonist Vanessa Bettencourt

Workshop Was Fun!

Polly and the Black Ink graphic novel and I returned to the local independent bookstore Hooray for Books.



Special thanks to Ellen for having me in her fantastic and always updated store again. (They always have events happening all the time  - check their schedule.) I will be returning there next September with new Polly volumes.





Polly and the Black Ink Volume III: Heroes and Villains book III is coming out soon. What a better way to celebrate it than a free workshop, teaching the audience to draw their hero or villain from scratch.






Volume III: Heroes and Villains

We had a great time.


I'm grateful my audience included children from 5-years-old up to adults. I'm happy that in the end, the parents joined the fun as well.

One of the tables:

I  started by introducing Polly, telling her story.

Polly moves to Sanctuary. From a big city to a small island that shows in no map in the world. Everyone who lives there has a secret and... Polly discovers that something evil followed her to the island.


My audience quickly pointed out the Black Ink as the great mysterious Evil. They learned the Black Ink was responsible for turning people grey.


One of the kids in the audience had a grey hoodie, and her reaction was great. Without wasting time, I reassured Kassie that Polly was going to save her from becoming grey too because Polly is the only one who can see it happen and she will open a door into Kassie's world and save her core.

We broke the ice it was time to start drawing.

Basic shapes make different characters.


I use a lot of round and oval shapes to make them look cute. With squares and straight lines I can create more heroic and stronger characters, and for villains, I reserve harsh and sharp shapes.

I had to make sure we could see all of these personality traits just by looking at her. Also, Polly inherited a stone with special powers from her aunt. Thus I named their family Mason.


At the bookstore, I drew Polly in a large pad for everyone to see, explaining my choices for having large black eyes and balance that creepy feeling by drawing no nose. Having no nose makes her look cute and younger, while other characters have large or long noses, giving them different personalities.


I gave Polly wild bright red hair and a flowing-fairy-rainbow skirt so she can freely move while she rescues her friends.

When Polly visits the parallel, fantasy worlds called The Other Side her clothes change.


To balance the heavy boots ( I love boots) and her weapons ( colorful crayons and exploding rainbow marbles) I added some puffy shoulders more like a princess, and a turquoise hair scarf to crown her head that she uses all the time. 



In the real world she wears a plush backpack cat, but on The Other Side, the cat (Paws) is alive and her sidekick in the fight against the black ink.


I wish we could stay there all day and talk about the other characters. Some are not even human like Paws, Jay, Walfie, Manny, Mr. Grey, Allyson, David, Jax, Owen, Claire... How different their shapes and color scheme make them different from each other.




Thank you, Parents ,for all the good humor and input. Everyone shared their favorite books, animations, movies and characters. Thank you for getting copies of my books.


Somehow I ended up sketching Pokemon, dragons and Star Wars characters in the end and offering them to my awesome audience.


But that's what drawing is about: starting with the best references, learning and sharing.


I hope we can do this again soon. Stay close, don't miss out.


Subscribe to the website to get only important news of upcoming events and book releases.


Also thanks, Michael Rhode for your time and for getting both volumes.
You should check his blog ComicsDC




"Psst! Pss! Are there dragons... in Polly and the Black Ink books?"

 Well... shhhhh... maybe? : )


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Do you live near Alexandria, in Virginia or DC Area? Meet me and Polly and the Black Ink.


Come draw with me and create your own character in this all-ages, family workshop.


Bring your parents or your grandparents.


Next Saturday, May 20th, I will be at the Hooray For Books bookshop in Alexandria, 1555 King Street with Polly and the Black Ink Volume II and III. I will make a demonstration on how I create a character for a comic book (hero or villain, your choice).



Drop by, say hi! Don't miss out.

Proof book

Finally proof for book III is here. This is my last chance to catch typos and make some changes before approving it to print. I was really excited to have this volume out. Can't wait to share it with you. 

Stay close don't miss out!

Polly's Attic Room

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Project: Polly and the Black Ink Graphic Novel


Polly's new attic room.


She doodled on the wall and she's getting ready to paint it.


This will be one of the 4x6 prints available at the next artist alley.


Stay close. Don't miss out!


See more Prints.





Aunt Sarah



Project: Polly and the Black Ink graphic novel

Character: Sarah Mason. Polly's aunt. She has her own baking store and she's very creative with her recipes.


I bet the candies are also amazing!

Save Frogs Day!

My friends, there are frogs in danger right now. Today we remember our amphibian little friends and how important they are to the ecosystem and we do something about it! Help or donate.


They have a list of things on the website (click volunteers) with ideas on how we can help, like sharing or printing their posters to show at school... and educating people about it.You can make a difference.

Character: Allyson from Polly and the Black Ink


National Tell a Story Day!

Project: Tell a Story Day!


It's National Tell a Story Day! Read or share a life story with friends or family!


I remember when I was very young my mom read a bedtime story from this book every night before going to bed. Here you can see the story for the 27th April.


A boy sees the animals and the rain outside. Life goes on. It rains all day and he is the only one warm and dry. I would be out there with the birds and the other animals. I love rain.

Polly III is at the Printer!


Polly and the Black Ink volume III - update

Heroes or Villains is already at the printer. I will get my paperback proof very soon and the book will be available to you soon as well.


I can't wait to have it on my hands. Although it's volume III it's always new to me.


New Whisper Series

While Jacob Falling writes, I've been working on this series of art prints inspired by the Heir of Scars books since January. I can't wait to read his new chapters.

There's so much good news that I'm not allowed to share with you yet. Stay close. Don't miss out! For now... my art.

Dove Whisper

(Illustrator: Vanessa Bettencourt Art)

10 Reasons why I made... Polly a Superhero

10 Reasons why I made...

...Polly a Superhero

Polly used to be a very different character from what you see here. But, she had the same heart and goal:  To do her best to help others.


The long process not only changed Polly it also changed me. I became part of her life, then of her world and in the end of every islanders' life. 


I would love to share it with you. 


Polly is waiting.


Stay close!

Don't miss out!

New Art inspired by Heir of Scars books

New collection of art prints for the next artist alley events inspired by the Heir of Scars books. 


White Wolf Whisper
Black Wolf Whisper

Happy Easter

Meet The Artist

More to say about me. This is my working space. I love to be surrounded by my projects, ice cream and work near a window. From Portugal to the United States, full of dreams, ideas and creations. I will share more projects with you soon. 
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