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New Wallpaper


At the request of many here it is. February wallpaper.



Doodle Mini Painting

A fun little doddle.


Polly Mason and Paws. Characters from my graphic novel Polly and the Black Ink.


Video is available (drawing and painting) on my Patreon.


I had so many wonderful reviews from different ages. Although the first volume is light and simple, the story begins to be more complex.


Here are my newest reviews. This fan couldn't stop reading. It made me so happy.

Acrylic Paint

One of the Monday weekly mini paintings. I'm loving these acrylic exercises. The paint is so thick and dries almost instantly. I paint one each Sunday and post Monday on my Patreon. One per Monday, one year, 52 paintings.


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Posca Pens Bird Months

I'm using these posca pens on a black sketchbook. So addicting. I will fill the entire sketchbook of black pages with these pens.


One birth for each month. February is a indigo bunting. What a marvelous blue.


More posca pen posts and monthly birds on my Patreon.

Gouache: Tube or Pans?

Do I prefer to use gouache from the dry pans or directly from the tube? 
They have different properties and will act differently as well.

I made color swatches from the same colors (from the tube and from the dry pan).

The dry pan acts more like watercolor.


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#Draw5Today January

For January's #Draw5Today I had fun with some snowmen. Which one is your favorite?


The full video for this drawing and washes can be found on my Patreon.


Next month will be penguins.

Personalized mugs Fun

😆Made these personalized cartoon mugs for friends and family to thank them.

Monthly Craft Project: January (Greeting Cards)

I have so many greeting cards that I've ran out of space to store them. But I can't just let them go. See how I use the Christmas mail to make an organizer to store all my precious greeting cards.


(Full video is available on my Patreon) 

New project: Recipe book illustrated

Starting to create the pages for the recipe book that I will develop with my mother-in-law. (My American Mom) 
This project will be a way to deal with the heavy stress that I'm struggling with.
I will be sharing the pages and a few recipes. Our goal is to have this book ready in October for Christmas distribution. 
No stress just pure fun and cooking time.

Envelope art and Stickers

Working on the envelope art to ship the January stickers soon. : D

New Wallpaper

New wallpaper available  on my Ko-fi shop

Working on Webcomic

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3rd Week January 2021

3rd Week 2021

  1. Finished 20 artist cards for the Canadian Perna Studios. I can't reveal the theme yet, or share any photo. I recorded the process of making each card. I will be posting on my Patreon after the Studios allowed me to share.

2. I've been quite active, working for Patreon posts. Here's what's there so far:

  • posca pen on black pages
  • 1 acrylic painting every Monday for the entire year 
  • Fun mugs 
  • Mini doodle video - drawing and painting
  • Planner pages and calendar available


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A tribute to my Young Rembrandts Artists 2020

Thank you so much for making 2020 easier. Let's have a full 2021 together.


(Please note that the photos of the artwork don't have excellent quality and sometimes can only be displayed on a small scale because they were print screens from the online classes)


All artwork is valuable and precious to me.  I managed to include all the photos that I had. 

2021 Planner and News

Remember my Notfrombrazil Monthly calendar? I'm making a new one with planner pages for 2021.

3 to 4 pages a month for my patrons second tier or above.

A new update.


2020 has destroyed all my plans and goals so I had to adapt.


A new start with fresh titles and page. Visit or join me to see the offers.

December Diaries

Created a Ko-fi page and shop for my webcomic Notfrombrazil.com 

If you enjoy reading the series, help me keep them alive. Buy me a ko-fi ($3).

November Diaries


These are the stickers that you can only get in my Patreon.


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