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Supper Happy Valentine's Day!

Motivating! Energizing!

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Notfrombrazil climbing the ranks!

It's an official best seller graphic novel in Humor & Entertainment Category!

Looking at this past weekend's reports. This feels awesome. Thank you so much! Got your copy? Free with Amazon Prime.

Não do Brasil a escalar os tops! 
Ao olhar para os relatórios deste ultimo fim-de-semana. Muito obrigado a todos!

Ja tens a tua cópia?  Leitura grátis para quem tem amazon prime.



Collect and Organize. What do you collect for your work? Are you keeping those favorite recipes organized?


Build your library to quick access and get inspired.


I have lots of notebooks and sketchbooks with relevant information that saves me time from searching online for the right and appropriate term.


Today I am updating my onomatopoeia collection so I can use it while I create my graphic novels and comics.

Visual sounds are always funny and give a lot of motion and action to the graphic novel panels and pages.


For those who are not creating art, keep a journal of your memories and thoughts.


What are you working on?

St. Valentine's SALE!

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What a perfect St. Valentine's Day. A very funny and relatable Long Distance Relationship Graphic novel book with extra tips on how to survive a long distance relationship and how to travel without stress. All in comics format. 70 Pages full color comic book. On Sale. 

Great Reports!

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🥇Looking at the 2017 reports, I can happily say that the most adventurous and colorful graphic novel Polly and the Black Ink was definitely a BEST SELLER and Notfrombrazil made the TOP 100 in several categories.
All thanks to you.
Hope this year my art continues to bring you more adventures and fun!
Also, thank you for the new reviews, that is a great help to reach more fans. Don't let Paws fall... so keep them coming. I love to hear your opinion. Especially if your cat has something to say to PAWS!
Have a great week!
Ao olhar para os relatórios de 2017 posso alegramente dizer que a série de banda desenhada mais aventureira e colorida Polly and the Black Ink foi definitivamente um Êxito de Vendas e o Não do Brasil alcançou o top 100 em várias categorias.
Tudo graças a vocês.
Espero que este ano a minha arte continue a trazer-vos muitas aventuras e divertimento!
Quero agradecer as novas valiosas críticas e estrelinhas que são uma grande ajuda para alcançar mais fans. Não deixem o gato Paws cair, vamos mantê-lo no topo por isso venham dai mais opiniões. Eu adoro saber o que estão a pensar. Especialmente se o vosso gato tem algo a dizer sobre o gato Paws!
Tenham uma excelente semana!

Third Week of #Dreamuary


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15 #Colors  (What if I'm color blind?)     #dreamuary2018


I never liked colors.


I liked to draw characters and object in black and white from a flat piece of paper and show it to no one. I would not go to fancy stores to get my supplies. There were no such stores where I lived. I used the coal from the fireplace or my grandmother's morning coffee to paint.


I created only for myself.


Years later I became a teacher for the first time. Only then, I learned the value of colors. 

Every morning I would have different hues in front of me that changed with mood or life events. It was my first year as a teacher and some of these children were taller than me and had never learned to spell their names, but they were versed in ways of life that no one their age or my age or any age should be. 


They had no interest in the beauty of our language, poetry, literature, grammar rules or following the syllabus... Why would they? Mostly the exercises in the textbooks asked them to write about their life... to confess, to make it real, to leave proof on a sheet of paper and sign it at the end.


I began to see their colors dim. 


Every day a little bit more monochromatic and dull. I put the textbooks aside and I brought art and music into the classroom. I reached for each one of their doors. I fought to open it one by one and visit their worlds. I showed them new words, grammar rules, poetry, taught some to spell their name for the first time and gave them tools to express their true colors. Behind my classroom door, we built a safe world where they could be. I had to break a few rules, but I'm sure I've learned from them as they learned from me.


And then the police came and took one of them away. 


I stopped being a teacher for almost five years. I came back to a class of six-year-olds years later to find some vibrant innocent colors, some... not so much... 


More doors to open... I accepted the challenge this time armed with colors, art and hope. Hope to be amazed by the promise of greatness that some already showed, and to be able to fight horrible secrets that were already there to unveil in some of the children...


Always with the understanding that good work had to be done besides teaching: I am, You are, He is... 


Titcher "how do you say banana in English?" 


I dedicate Polly and the Black Ink to all my students.



#fightingdepression #forabetterworld


To participate: doesn't have to be a drawing, post anything you want to share that relates to the daily themes that might inspire you, be part of the community and say hi - Make it kid-friendly, please.

Facebook group: Dreamuary 

Instagram hashtag dreamuary2018 - everyone is welcome




Dreamuary First Week



The new group #dreamuary January challenge has been a great way to spend January. It's been a very happy January with fantasy creatures, pencil drawings, laughter and a way to know people better. 


January has became more interesting.


Join us and let the daily theme inspire you to share.

X-mas Special: An American Family

Starting the year sick, but with a very Special Christmas long episode… very long) dedicated to all of those who always stayed close all year, no matter how many oceans or continents keep us physically apart.

I confess that I did embrace technology.

I was able to talk with my friends in Europe, see what presents some were getting, the X-mas trees in their city, their Christmas decorations, what they were having for Christmas meal, share moments of laughter (anytime).

I don’t feel that I belong to a city anymore, or that I can live isolated.
When we are young our bedroom is our world, we grow up and school becomes our world, then the city where we live and work, I can say that I have friends in every corner of this planet. I treasure them, From Portugal to Brazil… Spain, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Finland, Brunei Darussalam, Peru, Japan… because now I’m in a long distance relationship with all of you.

If you’re kind, then you’re welcome to be part of this connected family. Join us.

My 2017 X-mas presents!

My January Dream #dreamuary

With my eyes on the future! 


As an artist I have to live in the past when I'm learning and studying old masters, in the present when I'm creating, failing and creating more and in the future, when I'm setting goals, planning new projects and sharing them with you.


December is my favorite month of the year, and it's full of joy, inspiration, creativity, happiness and hope... but then January comes.


What do you think when you see January on your calendar?

If you're like me... you dread it! But January doesn't have to be such a scary monster!

So... for 2018 I decided to create #dreamuary and turn my January into a month full of art of magical creatures and imaginary worlds - not where dreams come true but made of dreams.


Up to a challenge?


You can be part of #dreamuary. How? Follow each daily theme and post whatever it inspires you... a photo, or a drawing, a gif, video or music, a quote... anything you want to share, a thought or an emoticon. (no sex, violence of any kind, keep it kid friendly)


Pressure free. You don't have to submit every day just when the daily theme inspires you or you feel like it.

Post to the Facebook Event (here) or add the hashtag #dreamuary #dreamuary2018 on Instagram (if you prefer to participate there). This will happen every January for the following years and soon I will be excited to see January arrive as I am always excited about Halloween and the following holidays.


Let this be a great way to start the new year! See first theme here.


Newsletter subscribers will have access to exclusive videos of my drawing process.


Instagram moments


Portugal is a semi-biographical awarded graphic novel by Cyril Pedrosa where the author explores his Portuguese background. He presents us a character who has lost the love to create new books and draw. We join him on his trip to Portugal. 
There, we can feel the warmth of the people and how quaint they seem to be at the same time. 
Because it smells and sounds like home, I can hear their voices, the accent, the crickets at night, the excited screams coming from random windows of people rooting for their favorite team, people talking of life before... And Salazar, Salazar... 


Among the cacophony of well known traditional expressions - which the author doesn't translate because there is no completely accurate translation possible for the tone of voice, the humor or the melancholy in some of the expressions. 
Oh, filho... Ta bom! Nao faz mal! Ta bem! Tas prai a falar "fraciou"... 
Expressions that are so well known to be the soft rumble of Portuguese culture... from their favorite sports to politics and several meals and pastry in between.


I love the line work, the colors and the visual transitions of the panels. You almost can feel the movement, the silence, the absence of hope, the finding of a new beginning...

And the winner is...

Thank you so much to everyone who participated.  I am happy to share with you the three lucky ones.




This year I painted a very special postcard that I like to send to friends, family and fans who actively supported my art during the year.


I can see by their thank you texts that some arrived with a few stamps and ink on the painting. Oh, well... Lesson learned! Envelopes next time! T_T

Polly and the Black Ink Books

Polly and the Black Ink, the last Volume - 140 pages long is finally out, closing the first arc of Polly Mason story.
Get it on amazon online store or personalized signed copies from me.

The Last door...

Polly Mason has collected the doors of everyone she knows. Friends and family, enemies and foes, heroes and villains.

These doors, which have kept their secrets safe, have also taken her into magical worlds, allowing her to know people better for who they truly are.

Although Polly Mason can visit any of their worlds, she cannot enter her own. It's up to her friends to save her core now, and no one thought her world could be so challenging and full of wonder.


Newsletter new format

Great news, the new monthly newsletter will be scheduled for the last Saturday of each month starting January 2018.


This is what you should expect to get each month. News on books, art process, releases, access to sales, contests and seasonal gifts. Sneak peek behind the scenes and art tips. Scheduled for the last Saturday of each month.


Be sure you check your promotion or social folders (gmail) and/ or spam folder if you missed the last newsletter.


Subscribe now so you won't miss any goodies.

Here is December 2017

Heir of Scars Cultures & People : Ieru

Ieruscan Girl - Heir of Scars epic fantasy Series

The Ieru (HYAY-roo) inhabit the western regions of Somana, separated from the heart of the Republic by the mountainous Erentian Divide. For the most part, the Ieruscan (hyay-ROO-skuhn) people are nomadic tribes, who roam the steppes and deserts of Ierusca by horse or by foot.


The Ieru are a darker-skinned people, with a culture and language unique from the Somanan, Aeman, and even Aesidhe peoples. Somanan and Aeman records prove that the Ieru inhabited the continent before them, and Aesidhe oral histories support the same. It is clear that their people were once more widespread, particularly on the southern portion of the continent, but were gradually pushed back by Somanan settlement and military action.

Read full article here.

Beyond the Cliff & Courage progress


It's been a long journey since chapter I.


The editing, formatting and illustrating process of each chapter took more time than writing and imagining the story but it will worth the wait.  


Every project and book becomes a path of wonderful discoveries and creation of fantastic unusual characters and their worlds. I can't wait to share the final project with you, but for now here is a bit more of my work in progress. 

For Beyond the Cliff & Courage epic fantasy, I've decided to design my own font and header to make each chapter more special. Besides the headers, each chapter will include at least four black and white illustrations ( I got carried away with some sections and drew about eight to ten illustrations).


I have about 50 chapters, which means... a lot of drawings per chapter. It's a long and slow project, but the finished book will be worth it. The illustration that won't make into the book will be turned into color prints or an extra booklet - I still have to think about it. The priority is to finish this project with as much quality as I can muster.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Don't be shy and leave a comment. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Time Lapse Digital Painting

...finishing new art to send to the printer and make some postcards this year. A sneak peek of what kind of art you will be seeing from me from now on as the next projects grow and take form.


It's finally time to get back to those old and complex fantasy worlds that I have been developing for so long. Can't wait to get to the part filled with magic, fantastical creatures including... Dragons!


Polly and the Black Ink 5 graphic novel volumes will keep you company. Each volume with 110 pages and the last one with 140 that will be available December 2017. 


2018 will be exciting, with a lot of work in progress and behind the scenes. Some of the content will be exclusive to newsletter subscribers so if you don't want to miss any contests, free books, news and seasonal gifts make sure to subscribe.


You can subscribe to www.notfrombrazil.com  or to www.vanessabettencourtart.com 

(please check your spam folder for the newsletter if you missed one)

Notfrombrazil - weekly newsletter - Fridays at 11 am Eastern Time

VioletWestEntertainment - monthly newsletter - next Saturday, December 2

And so it ends!

And so it ends. The last volume of Polly and the Black Ink will be soon be available to you.


I always have a rough time saying goodbye to projects.  On the other hand, the journey just began for many. Now it's time to share this story that carries so much of my soul with the rest of the world.


Polly Mason accepted the responsibility of her abilities knowing the price. She has no regrets.


Join her and open one last door.


Polly and the Black Ink is an all-ages graphic novel full of adventure, discovery, imagination, fantasy, friendship and a lot of teamwork (with the help of a lazy sidekick cat) on a journey to fight an epic villain.


540 pages - 5 volumes 

Great Gifts!


Missing a really cool Christmas present? 🎄🎁 🌟
Get Polly and the Black Ink Graphic Novel for a super adventurous and fantastic family Christmas time! An all-ages superhero story that will keep everyone hooked.

Get the books from Amazon or ORDER directly FROM ME and you'll get personalized signed volumes, a thank you postcard and FREE SHIPPING if you buy more than one volume. (USA available only).
Only $20 each volume.

(Volume 5 will be available on Amazon very soon.)

My Artwork for Kristin Cashore's books (Portuguese Edition)

cover art, digital art, kristin cashore, graceling, fire, kristin cashore portuguese cover, cover artwork, fantasy novels, cover design graceling,


When I lived in Lisbon, I had the opportunity to work with a Portuguese publisher to draw the Portuguese covers for Kristin Cashore's books  (Graceling and Fire)


I had lots of fun painting these covers, but Fire was my favorite. 


Sometimes I buy a book that I already own, because of the new covers. That happened with my Harry Potter collection.  I just loved the new covers so much that I had to get them on my shelf. 

Kindle Cover : Ghosts of Heiland

Kindle Cover Reveal:

Hi, Vanessa here:

As you know, I've been remaking the cover for Heir of Scars I, Part I: Ghosts of Heiland. The very beginning of the story. The process took me a few weeks to sketch and paint. 
I was almost at the end when I realized the cover didn't have the right feel. 
After painting such realistic Adria for the paperback cover, I established a new tone for the series.

I loved my new portrait of Adria, but the mood of the epic novels speaks louder.

I worked hard to keep up with the deadline and turned my inspiration from a more digital game cover approach to the Old Masters' color pallet such as the American painter Albert Bierstadt.

This is a story of those who come to a new land to conquer others.

A tale of knights who battle natives and the journey of a girl who must decide who she is and for whom she must fight. 

The new cover shows you the shadow of a girl with a decision to make.

Join her.


Kindle book: $0,99

Fans meet author / Authors meet fans: Dealing with social anxiety

dealing with social anxiety


Artists are probably the people who are less prepared to deal with social interaction and talk to the public. We're the ones that decided to stay indoors and create instead of going out. It's a lifestyle, but it means we don't build as many social skills as needed. 


Times change and it's expected from the artist to show our process, our story, to be part of the art and make fans part of it too. We have to put ourselves out there and hope for the best.



garfield, graphic novel, comics, amazon top, biographic comics, humor, books,  Art on the Avenue, coincidence, Del ray, comic pages



It's our passion for our art and the respect that we have for our fans that lead us to fight these horrible monsters and deal with our social anxiety in loco


We practice in front of the mirror and try to come up with better ways to present our work and ourselves, but there is just so much we can predict and practice after all. 


I can say that my years working as a teacher improved my ability to communicate in public a lot.


My cute little students allowed me to be expressive and to be myself. They didn't judge me and as they were honest as children can be. They taught me a lot.


Talking to adults is a bit different. 


In the wise words of Yoda... Do or Do Not...


I am the kind of girl that Goes Big or Goes Home. My first artist table was a huge event.


When we apply for a big comic convention as Awesome Con, we have to do it almost six months or more before to save a spot. You may think that it's good news.

spx, small press expo

I have six months to prepare, right? That can be true.  It's also six months losing courage every day. I confess. There are entire months that are just rough. During these introvert moments I tend to close doors and windows and focus on creating new worlds. 


Yeah! I was such a superhero when I said: " Yup! I'm going to do this..."


The last 24h before the event is nerve-racking. The first time (Awesome Con 2016) I had no idea what to expect. So I expected nothing. I enjoyed the event from behind my booth, taking pictures and admiring people in their costumes.


By showing them that I cared for their cosplay, their favorite characters and who they were I was able to speak and interact with a lot of diverse personalities.


It showed me that I finally had found a place where I belong, and I couldn't wait to apply to the next show.

This helped me to reduce the levels of anxiety. 



I had to find my own rituals to deal with will all of the details that cloud my mind.

These are a few of the things that I do before a big event such as a convention.


- I plan my table setup. I remember the love that I felt creating my stories and my art. I want people to look at my table and understand that more than seeing it as a business.


- I try to keep things simple. When someone approaches my table, they will see a lot of different art and sometimes styles. This is how my brain works. I create different projects at the same time, and it's ok...  as long as I don't confuse my fans.


- I make inventory lists, and I pack a few days before the event. I only take the best quality items I have. This takes away the stress of something missing or going wrong.


- I dress comfortably. I set aside my favorite clothes. Sometimes those clothes invoke pleasant memories, like what I was wearing when I met my husband for the first time. Or what I wore to the interview at the United States of America Embassy in Paris when I got the approval to move to the USA and marry my better half. These clothes make me feel confident and happy. That helps me to be three days standing behind a table always with a smile on my face. 


- I take chances and initiate conversations with the attendees. I  remember what is the most important thing to me: Let someone know of my work, or be worried if that person ignores or turns me down. Sometimes we don't talk about the books or art at all. They just share all of the fun things they already saw at the convention - remember that I am stuck behind my table for three days, so I see the events through their eyes. 


- I set my expectations to zero and my effort to 500%. I stand there with my art. It's part of me... I give my best and let the rest work itself. 



Adding social media to all of it makes it more exciting.


The people that are often just numbers, letters, strange worlds, creative or funny names and profile pictures.


These people have a voice, they become characters in our lives and their lives become part of ours.


Fans often are nervous.

We don't expect to meet them face to face.


When that happens, it's like breathing life to our projects and making it real.


I'm often so excited to meet my fans that I can barely sleep the night before. I forget what I wanted to thank them for and I forget to take a picture to save the memories of that day. I end up having to text them to come back so we can start all over. 


These are people who know me, better than family perhaps. They read my thoughts daily; they follow my webcomic notfrombrazil, they know my daily routine, my angst, my life... 


They even know which side of the bed I sleep on.  XD

Creepy right?



If they could only see that on this side of the table artist get nervous as well... and that we might stammer and even say something awkward...  because we're human too.  

It's gets better when fans return the next day after reading half of Heir of Scars. Their smile is full of emotion and excitement and they let us know how happy and captivated they are by Adria's journey.
It just makes my skin crawl seeing their honest emotions pour down as their eyes sparkle with twinkle stars and... oh wait... maybe all of that sparkling is just me looking at the fans through my own tears.
It's such a great feeling to have feedback and see our hard work recognized... but to see and hear how our work reaches other people making them feel that good is even more rewarding.


So thank you all to those who have made our projects real.



(special thanks to my friend manga_shots 16 (Carla) for taking photos with us and letting me use them)

By the way...

Free Calendar for Susbcribers

free calendar, calendar, graphic novel, comics, notfrombrazil

  NotFromBrazil FREE calendar for subscribers.

Today October 13th 2017 I sent with my newsletter the November 2017 Calendar page free to download and print.

I will be gifting a page each every month until December 2018.


For those who you subscribed after the October 13th and until October 31st.


I will send the November Calendar directly to your email. 



Subscribe to notfrombrazil.com or vanessabettencourtart.com


Polly and the Black Ink Mini Sketchbook Tour: Ink drawings

Polly Mason has a secret.


Polly can see people turning grey and the world crumbling around her. At first, she believes she's the only one, but then she moves to an island that shows on no map... And... Evil follows her, and now the island and its people are in danger.


Polly discovers the islanders have secrets like her own. But first, she must find the key and the door into their worlds, visit their personalities, find their cores and save them from the Black Ink. The idea of the Black Ink as a villain came from my first sketches.


We can't erase ink as easily as we erase pencil. It can leave permanent marks. Join Polly in this epic fight against evil.


Read more about Polly and the Black Ink Graphic Novel books here.


If you have them, please leave a review on your favorite online store.


Music Credit goes to:  http://www.freesfx.co.uk


ink, inktober, inktoberportugal, graphic novel, ink drawing,

Art on the Avenue

garfield, graphic novel, comics, amazon top, biographic comics, humor, books,  Art on the Avenue, coincidence, Del ray, comic pages

Last October 7th was fun with the Alexandria Library at the Del Ray, Artist Demonstration area. 
Warming up drawing before the crowd arrived.
I got to draw 65 children from 9 to 18h it was a non stopping blast. Thanks to all of those who came by the table to say hi! We had lot's of fun.


Kids are usually shy and they get nervous when I stare at them too much, so instead of being quite, we just talk about all of the fun things: their hobbies, their adventures, the things they love and want to accomplish. This helps me to infuse a lot of personality into their portraits and add extra background elements. 

Del Rey Arts on the Avenue - Artist Demonstration

garfield, graphic novel, comics, amazon top, biographic comics, humor, books,  Arts on the Avenue, coincidence, Del ray, comic pages

October 7th. It's this Saturday!! Art on the Avenue is going to be full of pencil portraits. I will be drawing cartoon portraits in my style of attendees at the ARTIST DEMONSTRATION tent 66-87 E Curtis Avenue and raising money for the library. It's a great cause. Please come to our tent : D

Drawing live is the only time that I have to be less extrovert and ignore my anxieties.

I have to look people in the eye and catch their personality with a few pencil lines. It helps when people talk to me, ask me about my trade and share their life stories and adventures too. It's a fun way to interact, fight my social anxieties and share what I love to do.

Here is the map with the exact location.
Drop by and say hi!