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New Wallpaper

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3rd Week January 2021

3rd Week 2021

  1. Finished 20 artist cards for the Canadian Perna Studios. I can't reveal the theme yet, or share any photo. I recorded the process of making each card. I will be posting on my Patreon after the Studios allowed me to share.

2. I've been quite active, working for Patreon posts. Here's what's there so far:

  • posca pen on black pages
  • 1 acrylic painting every Monday for the entire year 
  • Fun mugs 
  • Mini doodle video - drawing and painting
  • Planner pages and calendar available


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A tribute to my Young Rembrandts Artists 2020

Thank you so much for making 2020 easier. Let's have a full 2021 together.


(Please note that the photos of the artwork don't have excellent quality and sometimes can only be displayed on a small scale because they were print screens from the online classes)


All artwork is valuable and precious to me.  I managed to include all the photos that I had. 

2021 Planner and News

Remember my Notfrombrazil Monthly calendar? I'm making a new one with planner pages for 2021.

3 to 4 pages a month for my patrons second tier or above.

A new update.


2020 has destroyed all my plans and goals so I had to adapt.


A new start with fresh titles and page. Visit or join me to see the offers.

December Diaries

Created a Ko-fi page and shop for my webcomic Notfrombrazil.com 

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November Diaries


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Things that happen...

Patreon Stickers

I will be creating a collection of 12 stickers, one per month, starting in September 2020.

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September Sticker:
Be Kind Potion ( Extra free Liffa the Dragon sticker) ENDS September 28th

October Sticker:
Knowledge ( Reading Fairy)

November Sticker:
To be announced soon.

December Sticker:
Sticker to be announced + Extra Free Sticker

August Update


With Covid everything changed.

Bad things happened, and good things happened too. I was able to finish book I of Whisperers & Keepers.

I am starting to write the second book.

I don't have a release date yet, but I will look forward to revealing characters, titles, and covers as I go.


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Notfrombrazil is Back

 5 Years ago I was getting ready for the visa interview in Paris. The USA embassy in Portugal doesn't have this department so I had to fly to Paris alone.

Paris... doesn't it sound romantic? Actually no! It was such a trauma ahahah! 

The visa process only ended last September (2019), but I traveled to the USA in February 2015 to finally be with my beloved "Jay" and start a new chapter in my life.

Apart from other projects, this webcomic has been with me in every good and bad moment and I had the chance to make you all part of the journey.  

I haven't done a single Notfrombrazil.com episode since 27th August 2018. But nostalgia knocked on my door. Feeling sick has made me stop seeing the glass half full and the funny side of life.

580 episodes online, what's not online is in two books...

There's a new episode already for the sake of nostalgia, and maybe who knows I continue to make more. (no pressure) New episodes every Friday.

As always my patrons will have exclusive access to sketches, early content and news before the internet.


Thank you so much for being part of my journey.
Vanessa Bettencourt

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