Polly Mason has a secret... She has a superpower...

... that allows her to open the doors into parallel worlds created by people's personality and imagination and save them from the Black Ink. (read more


Paperbacks 7 x 10 full -color 110 pages each volume. Available on Amazon.


Book I: A New Start

Book II: The Other Side

Book III: Heroes or Villains

BooK IVInto the Darkness




Polly and the Black Ink Series
Polly and the Black Ink Series
Heir of Scars Series
Heir of Scars Series



Portugal is a semi-biographical awarded graphic novel by Cyril Pedrosa where the author explores his Portuguese background. He presents us a character who has lost the love to create new books and draw. We join him on his trip to Portugal. 
There, we can feel the warmth of the people and how quaint they seem to be at the same time. 
Because it smells and sounds like home, I can hear their voices, the accent, the crickets at night, the excited screams coming from random windows of people rooting for their favorite team, people talking of life before... And Salazar, Salazar... 


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