Anita DRAWS for Kids is my pseudonym for illustration services.


My full name is actually Ana Vanessa Bettencourt de Almeida.

Ana in honor of my grandmother, and everyone called her Anita. 


I am an a Portuguese illustrator living in Chicago, working professionally in the industry since 2005.


I love diversity, storytelling, educational and entertainment themes.



I work in tandem with the client to provide the closest to their vision or intention.


Seeking an agent. 


Please contact me for quotes.

Recent work & Commissions

The work above corresponds to book commissions, personal work, logos, badges, avatars, merchandise, greeting cards and stage design. 


I pursued the career of a literature teacher and attended a second college degree for Fine Art while in Portugal. I always combined writing and illustrating. When I wasn't working as a freelance in Portugal for publishers or independent authors, I was creating my projects.


My first big project was a series of books for children staring a Big Foot that I developed with the single purpose of teaching English to Portuguese children as an extra curriculum activity. I've been creating my projects ever since.


I love creating new worlds and characters that allow children to express themselves and learn. 

Since I moved to the United States I've been working as a independent author and illustrator.


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