2019 Miniature Artwork

2019 was the year that I dedicated myself to paint in a smaller format. 


The ACEOs ( Artist Cards Edition Original) that are sold to collectors and the ATCs (Artists Trading Cards) have become a very trendy.


There are entire communities of happy mailers and snail mail dedicated to trade these cards and commission artists to complete their collections.



Woman in Red - Heir of Scars character (author Jacob Falling) - See books here.

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Heir of Scars character - epic fantasy novel by Jacob Falling

The idea of getting art in the mail turns out to be quite exciting. Some websites are entirely dedicated to the auctioning of some rare cards, specially when it comes to fan art of popular shows, games or movies and/or artwork from a specific famous artist.


The size is perfect to collect (2.5 x 3.5 inches -  6.5 x 9 cm) and quite affordable to acquire an unique and original piece from the artist directly. The prices can vary from artist to artist, but a card can be between $20 to $25 a piece.


Painting in such smaller area can be daunting but the challenge to create detailed artwork makes it even more appreciated. I had lots of fun and I'm certain the new owners of these cards are very happy with the results.



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