February Diaries 2019: Week 5


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February 2, 2019

Social media is hard to manage, so many failed expectations and everyone wants a moment in the spotlight to beg "Give me a chance." So it's very easy to get lost and despair.

When this happens I have to regroup my thoughts and reestablish my priorities. 


Why do I create? For what purpose? I create because I have so many stories inside that I want to share and I know that I can make people feel these adventures and make them laugh and cry with my characters.


How many of us think like this right now and are writing the same thoughts... : D


My blog is a great place for me to feel free. Here I don't have to think of all the rules that upset followers, I can post twice... a day or not because this is my secret little corner. 


I got some new mini canvas. I want to do something really nice with it. Something unique...I hope.