Uptown Chicago Market

Uptown Sunday at the Chicago Market


Sunday was a very happy day. I love having my table with all the books and the banners behind me. All my hardwork visible so I can stop saying I'm not doing enough.
Everyone had fun questions, and it was great to explain notfrombrazil name to people.
Gave mini-comics and stickers away.
Sold out Polly volume I. Was a bit nervous after that, but parents kept buying the entire series excited to get home and order Polly volume I from amazon. That was awesome.
Another great moment was seeing people laugh out loud when they opened notfrombrazil on a random page.
It's still not easy to go outside and my next event may be just next year, but it was a great Sunday indeed.
Thank you so much to Chicago Market for hosting this event and having us. And Greg from @exploreuptownchi for the amazing Art Week event.
#uptownartweekend #uptownartweek