Random Valuable Input

Random Valuable Input:

Kids are the best, they're brutally honest and sometimes I have to bit my lip not to laugh as they stab me without mercy. 

I had the most interesting conversation with the twins as they sat me down to explain how I can make Polly and the Black Ink go viral and gather more fans and more viewers around the word.

In an age where children have access to technology and internet so easily they gathered information and a plan without even knowing they were applying marketing strategies to my product - this case my graphic novel. 

They suggested me in their own words to draw and share more videos of me drawing famous characters then upload them to YouTube ( meaning: draw fan art draw fan art draw fan art), make a series of animated episodes ( meaning: go full animation. Drawing on paper? What are you doing?). 

Today is their birthday. I know they're getting wiser and becoming teens when I explained that I want to make fan art of Polly instead, but I understand what draws people to fan art (fan art is like a magnet if we'll used) and that it would be great if I could animate Polly. They got it.

After all, it's my goal to bring my world's and characters to life.

Yes, they got it. I know they are older because they understood and quickly began to sketch my next marketing strategies right in front of me. They're 12 and I will totally hire them AHAHAH!