Book Signing Questions

The last book signing session was fun. I got to meet other local artist and exchange experience and knowledge.

The audience was curious about my project Polly and the Black Ink so I had a few questions to answer regarding Polly and my creative process.


Polly started as an idea to share with children and became an all age project. It was meant to be a children’s book no longer than forty-eight pages. As I was working on it, I decided that I had so much to tell about each character, their world and their backstory that the format was no longer the best choice. So, I set a goal to make a graphic novel and to complete it in a year. I met the goal and that was really important to me because I was able to finish a task and do it professionally and with quality. Mostly, I was able to publish it and feel the final product in my hand. It’s real. It exists and I can share it with you. ( – 7x10 110 pages each book full color)


I’ve also been sharing it for free ( the first volume so far) on my website and webcomic platforms online such as Tapastic and Line Webtoon ( not only Polly and the Black Ink, but also notfrombrazil that tells the story of how I met my better half and came to live and experience life in the USA).


All of you are part of my creative progress because you support me, you inspired me, you motivate me, you care… Thank you.


Ps: Here is a bit of the event. One of the questions was how do I create an entire imaginary world from one single idea of making a book about a girl and her cat bag that is quite peculiar. If you have any question you would like to make about Polly and the Black Ink process just comment.


Thank you.