Artist Alley Polly first public appearance

Our first time at Katsucon, I confess I was nervous taking an original graphic novel to a crowd who already gave their love to famous anime and cartoon characters, but it turned out great. It was fun to recognize some of Heir of Scars fans from last year's Awesome Con artist alley. They didn't recognize us because we had a completely different product and display. Still they stopped by and were very interested in Polly and that made me happy.

Polly made a lot of people stop and talk to me. I am so thankful to all of my new fans who got both volumes (I and II) without hesitation.

A year ago I decided to make a graphic novel and finish it in one year. I did it and now Polly is in many homes. It's not just only mine. I'm confident people will love it.

Also would like to thank the fans who came to our table to meet us and take a selfie. It meant a lot to me. Hope to see you again at Awesome con Artist Alley for another three days of fun!

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