Fantasy Drawing WIP part I

Thumbnail sketch Idea
Thumbnail sketch Idea

Starting with a very small thumbnail with the idea. This was my favorite among so many that I sketched while tea boiled. 


Blocked shadows and light. Made some decisions on light source and secondary light. 

It's a matter of style. I like where it was going, but I want a different kind of face. 

What do I do in my spare time when I'm not making commissions...

Keeping the last post in mind about the 3 types of practice, I started a drawing after 30 minutes of drawing circles as warming up. My goal is to keep practicing so I don't forget techniques and learn more by making more.  


1- Innate Practice - Do it over and over: painting a portrait and clouds again. 2- Inspirational Practice - Working on fantasy creatures, original characters and dragons. 3- Developmental Practice - I could do it in a cartoon style, but I want to step up and learn new techniques. Making more realistic but keeping my fantasy/ surreal style.



Already decided that I'm not going to paint a cartoonish version of it. So after adding some color for mood, I changed her face before any more rendering.

I make sure I flip my canvas regularly to check for mistakes in my composition.