2016 is gone Hail 2017!

2016 ends with good memories and achievements too.


We released the Heir of Scars Book I omnibus edition with parts 1 to 8 on  paperback (amazon online store) with the release during the artist alley appearance at Awesome Con 2016 DC Artist Alley.


New covers, art and illustration were made, news novels drafted and a 510 page graphic novel - Polly and the Black Ink that I finished in a year.

The graphic novel has been shared with you slowly online and the first 105 pages are already available as a paperback on amazon.

The second volume will come out this next January/February.


I'm really happy with the busy online shops too, both society6 and redbubble. Thank you buyers.


I can't forget www.notfrombrazil.com The webcomic series gathered family and many new friends with several uploads a week. Thank you for being around. Stay close.

There will be new projects and more of the old to continue to see.


Artist Alleys:

Next events: Katsucon 2017 and Awesomecon 2017