All my art styles

All my styles

You can find different kind of styles and language for the traditional or the digital work, because I don't believe I can just be one kind of person. I like to think of myself as a fusion artist. Like a chef couldn't eat the same thing everyday forever. 


Often I take breaks from the seriousness of oil painting to do kid's illustration or stop to write a novel. I am constantly creating in a different element when I need to rest or step back from a particular work or style.


"Keep creating..." I always heard. I do have many styles for my art, but I have only one goal: to create new worlds and to feel fulfilled (that's two goals...).


Now, my immediate goal is to finish the graphic novel, share and practice more, and have again art ready for the next Convention or Public Display- with books and novels, and art for Polly and the Black Ink, my first graphic novel. 

Thank you.