Wednesday Novels: Marketing and promoting a novel during the summer.

marketing novel marketing novel summer promoting novel

September and January are great months to launch your book, while summer is a bit slow.


But... people on vacation love to take a break from their lives with a great book companion.


Parents look for educational and entertaining books for their children.


Associate your book with DIY projects and useful tips.


Give Away or make a contest:  to give away a few copies in exchange for an amazon review.


Are you going out for a coffee or buy apples? Do you have your book with you? Great. Take your book EVERYWHERE. I can't resist when someone walks by me holding a book. I have to see it, the cover, the tittle... I have to know.


Going to an Inn or hotel? Check with them if you can sell your book near the front desk for a few hours. I've seen it before. Mystery books are great pool companions.


If you're brave... leave a copy behind somewhere with free readings. You'll never know where it might end.


* Have a great Summer *

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