Skin tones and color recepies

I could give you a few recepies to start with for your skin tones, but think about light, mood, and shadows.

A person under a red light at night will present diferent colors than another under a blue clear summer sky.

For the purpoe of practice and exercise here are some suggestions for skin tone mixing colors ( for any medium).

I'll start with the largest quantity.

 titanium white ---  yellow ochre --- burnt sienna --- ivory black ( note: I use viridian green and alizarium crimson to make black, I don't use black on my oil paintings)

 titanium white ---  cad red --- yellow ochre --- burnt sienna

 titanium white ---  cad yellow light --- viridian green --- ultramarine blue

 titanium white ---  yellow ochre --- cad red --- burnt sienna --- ultramarine blue --- ivory black

 titanium white ---  yellow ochre --- english/ indian red ---  cobalt blue --- prussia blue ---ivory black

 titanium white ---  burnt sienna --- veridian green --- ivory black

Have fun!