Love your brushes

clean brushes tutorial traditional art oil acrylic watercolor

Learn to LOVE your brushes.

It's important to have good quality brushes as much as good paper when painting with watercolor. Take care of them and they'll last longer.

When it comes to acrylics and oils we must be extra carefully. Impantience makes us take a break and leave the brushed with paint rest on the table to dry. Take a moment to nurture and love your brushes.

- Don't let the paint dry on the brush

- Avoid getting paint in the ferrule ( the metal part)

- Don't leave them in the water or turpentine, resting them down, specially bristles.

- Clean your brush in the water for acrylics, oils with turpentine ( I used cooking oil a lot instead, because of the smell of the turpentine).

- Take the extra paint with a paper towel, clean again in water for acrylics and turpentine for oil, then use soap to finish. ( the soap will make the brush keep it's shape)

If it's ruined? Used it as an unique tool to paint or make effects.