Gloomy Day. Light your Studio

compact fluorescent bulbs lighting the studio paint best bulb to paint studio setup


If your day is as gloomy as mine today, or you're about to set up your studio. This is the best choice for your lights.


Compact Fluorescent Bulbs 5000K


5000K - good balance of whites ( color temperature)


6000K - will be more blue


3000K - will be more orange/yellow


Two bulbs make a better studio light if your ceiling is 8 to 10. If it's higher get a third one.


If you're using a shadow box for still lives, get a 20W compact fluorescent or higher if the shadow box is very big.


Compact Fluorescent bubls:

- have great range of temperature colors

- use less energy

- are brighter

- are eco-friendly

- last longer