Missed opportunity



Many times we look back in time and think of the past as missed opportunities.


We remember being in a class or a workshop and learning nothing. Sometimes we blamed the teacher because our expectations were high, because we wanted a mentor to choose us and make us greater.

Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are.



What I could have done and didn’t, because I didn’t go, or didn’t enjoy it at the time makes us regret and think of what could have been accomplished or learnt.



For many, the time wasn’t right. We need more years, more maturity, and plenty of mistakes and bad decisions to become full. Not full of knowledge, but full of understanding and full of things to share and create. These things that become our secrets for so long will have to leave our mind at some point and become art.



With what I know today I could have done more in the past. This thought is wrong. With what I know today I CAN make so much more today. Today we can learn faster, have the will to search for more knowledge and be better at my art. It’s a matter of self-discipline and wanting to exist.



Do not give up. Make more. Make as many mistakes and bad decisions as you can. Create forever.


As long as you can say: “If I knew this back then…” as long as this sentence haunts you in future years… you’re in the right path.

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