My January Dream #dreamuary

With my eyes on the future! 


As an artist I have to live in the past when I'm learning and studying old masters, in the present when I'm creating, failing and creating more and in the future, when I'm setting goals, planning new projects and sharing them with you.


December is my favorite month of the year, and it's full of joy, inspiration, creativity, happiness and hope... but then January comes.


What do you think when you see January on your calendar?

If you're like me... you dread it! But January doesn't have to be such a scary monster!

So... for 2018 I decided to create #dreamuary and turn my January into a month full of art of magical creatures and imaginary worlds - not where dreams come true but made of dreams.


Up to a challenge?


You can be part of #dreamuary. How? Follow each daily theme and post whatever it inspires you... a photo, or a drawing, a gif, video or music, a quote... anything you want to share, a thought or an emoticon. (no sex, violence of any kind, keep it kid friendly)


Pressure free. You don't have to submit every day just when the daily theme inspires you or you feel like it.

Post to the Facebook Event (here) or add the hashtag #dreamuary #dreamuary2018 on Instagram (if you prefer to participate there). This will happen every January for the following years and soon I will be excited to see January arrive as I am always excited about Halloween and the following holidays.


Let this be a great way to start the new year! See first theme here.


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