Polly Mason has a secret


Polly can see people turning grey and the world crumbling around her. At first she believes she's the only one, but then she moves to an island that shows on no map...


And... Evil follows her, and now the island and it's people are in danger.


Polly discovers the islanders have secrets like her own. But first,  she must find the key and the door into their worlds, visit their personalities, find their cores and save them from the Black Ink.


Paperbacks 7 x 10 full -color 110 pages each volume. Available on Amazon.


Book I: A New Start

Book II: The Other Side

Book III: Heroes or Villains

BooK IVInto the Darkness



Kindle Cover : Ghosts of Heiland

Kindle Cover Reveal:

Hi, Vanessa here:

As you know, I've been remaking the cover for Heir of Scars I, Part I: Ghosts of Heiland. The very first beginning of the story. The process took me about a few weeks to sketch and paint. 
I was almost at the end when I realized it wasn't the right tone. 
After painting such realistic Adria for the paperback cover, I established a new tone for the series.

I love my new portrait of Adria, but the mood of the epic novels speaks louder.

I worked hard to keep up with the deadline and turned my inspiration from a more digital game cover approach to the Old Master' color pallet such as the American painters like such as Albert Bierstadt.

This is a story of those who come to a new land to conquer others.

A tale of knights who battle natives and the journey of a girl who must decide who she is and for whom she must fight. 
The new cover shows you the shadow of a girl with a decision to make.

Join her.


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